End of an Era: My Final Word on Vin Scully


Written by Mario Tovar


With 2016 officially over and 2017 Spring Training soon commencing for the Blue Crew I quickly wanted to share my thoughts now that Mr. Vin Scully has moved on and will no longer be the voice of my beloved Dodgers.

Whether sitting at home enjoying the game with a beer in my hand or attending the game live at Chavez Ravine, the voice of Mr. Scully was an unmistakable part of the Dodgers experience that I believe will never be duplicated. His demeanor on the microphone was something that I think all broadcasters should aspire to; respectable, unbiased, humorous, and when needed, painfully honest. I’ll always remember watching games with my father and always getting a kick from the random facts Vin would read about players during games; almost like Wikipedia before there was one.

 His calls from 60 plus years of games will go down as legendary, but on a personal note; hearing him announce the arrival of closing pitcher Eric Gagne to the mound with “Welcome to the Jungle” blasting in the soundtrack will always be remembered by fans of my generation. Thank You Mr. Scully for bringing dignity to the game and more importantly bringing joy to millions of people, that legendary voice will no doubt be missed and like the saying goes, “You don’t know how much of a good thing until it’s gone”. Good luck in the twilight of your life.

“It’s time for Dodgers Baseball!”

-Vin Scully

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