The buzz around Raider Nation the last couple of days has been on fire regarding the incident at the Pro Bowl in which some observers believe Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King alienated teammate Michael Crabtree.

The “chain snatching” incident between Crabtree and Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib back in December was covered extensively after the game. Fans of Raider Nation were quite vocal in both backing and taunting Crabtree. Some felt he should’ve taken action in the moment and some argued he did the right thing by walking away.

Fast forward a few weeks and the incident has become a topic of conversation with King having taken a picture with Talib at the Pro Bowl apparently making light of the incident.


We’re all familiar with King’s character, fun for Raider fans but upsetting to opposing teams, but many people including his teammate Bruce Irvin believe he made a mistake. What mistake are you asking? The mistake of not having your teammate’s back. The chemistry and locker room are highly important in football and something like this could have consequences down the line.

As usual the media and fans are making a huge story of this story but one can be sure the Raiders locker room will handle this in their own way which is why I think everything will be fine. One thing’s for sure training camp just got interesting.


Written by Mario Tovar

As a sports writer I always strive to bring you a unique and fresh perspective on all things sports, including the Raiders. I do my best to give you an unbiased and analytical look at things, a fans perspective if you will. Thank you for taking the time to check out my material on here or any other of the platforms which I'm featured on, thank you.

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