Happy Birthday to Tom Flores from RaiderRamble.com

Happy Birthday Tom Flores, a true pioneer and one of the most professional football coaches in recent memory. Tom Flores just turned 80 years old yesterday and deserves all the accolades that have been bestowed upon him.

Tom Flores, son of Mexican field workers became the first Hispanic quarterback to play professional football, accomplishing this for the Oakland Raiders in 1960. Likewise, he became the first Hispanic head coach in the NFL in 1979 and first Hispanic general manager in 1989. Think about that for a moment, not only did he become an NFL player, head coach and general manager but accomplished this as a minority.

While today being a minority might not sound like a big deal, keep in mind that Tom Flores started his professional football career when race discrimination and segregation were the norm. He was a pioneer and role model for other Latino players to come and that is worth celebrating.

Happy Birthday Tom Flores, thanks for all those moments you gave us, all those touchdowns, Super Bowls, thanks for making the NFL an exciting league and a place Latinos could be a part of. 

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