One Raiders’ fans’ opinion: So long, thanks for the memories!

Today, 31 owners voted in favor of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, effectively killing 22 years of football tradition in Oakland.

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To this day, we have always associated the Raiders with Oakland. Even when they moved to Los Angeles, it never felt like they left since they were one short fly away from watching a football game.

Although it could be a normal reaction to blame city officials for not doing enough to keep the Raiders, people from Oakland should be proud they took a stand and weren’t bullied by a private corporation into using tax payers money to pay for a stadium.

NFL owners are billionaires and they can pay for as many stadiums as they want. Of course, they prefer to spend as little money as possible while using other people’s resources.

As much as this hurts, Oakland is better off without the Raiders. It is one thing for us to willingly spend our money on things such as jerseys, hats and NFL gear in general. It is another one to build a stadium at the expense of paying for city renovations, education, subsidies and jobs.

This situation is akin to a rich husband telling his wife he won’t leave her and their children as long as she pays for his expenses while ignoring the children’s needs. Also, he shoves in her face that there is another woman willing to do so if she doesn’t. No sane person would accept that arrangement.This hypothetical woman didn’t and neither did the city of Oakland.

Moreover, Raider fans are the most loyal and won’t stop anytime soon. The Raiders have a world following and regardless of their location,  fans will continue rooting for them. Just ask them how they felt when they came to Mexico City; I wouldn’t be surprised if they told you they felt right at home.

Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Raiders,  Las Vegas Raiders…  As long as you give us a great experience, we will gladly support you, root for you and spend our money on official gear and souvenirs. Just don’t ask us to pay for a stadium over our expenses and needs. Especially when the NFL can afford to do it itself. City of Oakland, you should be proud of yourself. You should thank your officials for holding ground and not giving in to the NFL demands.

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