Superman or Superfan?


Remember Christopher Reeve as Superman? The scenes were often repetitive but memorable. A person, often Lois Lane, would be falling and Superman would swoop in to save the day. When a person had lost all hope, Superman was there to restore hope. For a sports fan base, the “Superfan” has this ability as well.

On our most recent show, Episode #29, we interviewed Wayne Mabry. Most of you know him as “The Violator.” A hall of fame Superfan representing the Raidernation since 1991. To us, he’s iconic, to Wayne, he’s just a fan.

Wayne spoke of his 24 hour round trips to attend Raider home games from his home in L.A. Of which he’s only missed ten or so games since 1995. He spoke of seeing new generations of Raiders’ fans rise up and set the new culture at games. Wayne spoke of building relationships with the Raider fan base and taking pictures with kids. He spoke of planting seeds of faith and maybe not being around to see the harvest. The Violator, spoke of many things but doesn’t see himself as a Superfan.

To Wayne, he’s just a fan. Perhaps that’s what makes him super after all. The persona of Violator was not an attempt at fame or fortune. It was born out of a desire to show some Hollywood actors what it’s really like to be a football fan. Since then, The Violator has taken on a life of his own.

We are thankful Wayne decided to follow one of his life’s mottos: “Just Do You.” In doing so, he’s often times been the face of a fan-base that has largely been mislabeled, misjudged and mistreated. He enjoys the opportunity to get people to think differently about, “Raiders’ Fans.”

Thanks for being more than a Fan, Wayne. Thanks for being you.

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To hear this interview in its entirety, Check out our Podcast, Episode #29.

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