Amari Cooper “day one”

Amari Cooper weighs in day one of Oakland Raiders OTA’s

Phase three of the offseason program kicked off Monday and veterans have the luxury of voluntary attendance. Among those veterans and players choosing to be in attendance, wide receiver Amari Cooper was there. Cooper appeared to be in good spirits and glowing about the opportunity to poke the brain of special invitee Calvin Johnson Jr.


First reaction was he’s huge, he’s a big receiver, I can understand why they called him Megatron. I have just been asking him a whole bunch of questions. We are different types of receivers. . . I really admire the way he highpoints the ball. – Cooper on Johnson



Reporters took this time to ask Cooper about the impact of “Beast Mode” while busting his balls a bit. “Who’s a better interview you or Marshawn? You guys talked about interview skills yet?” Laughing it off while shaking his head, Cooper would say “you got jokes.” When asked about what type of impact Lynch has had on the team, Cooper had nothing but high praise and a glowing character assessment. To put it mildly, Cooper feels the presence of Lynch.


The question of the day was a gem: A reporter asked Cooper how much of an impact the changing of the celebration rule, to which Cooper set his jaw looked at him dead-ass and responded, “It doesn’t impact anything.”


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Gabriel Martin

I think you might have meant to say: Cooper looked at him “dead pan” not, “dead ass”😁