Ramble 101: The Maverick

There are very few franchises in the NFL that can claim as large a historical contribution as the Oakland Raiders. After so many ups and downs through the franchise’s history, it’s time to revisit what makes them so great and … Continue reading Ramble 101: The Maverick


Raiders: What We Know So Far On Mack

Everybody has their own opinion on the Oakland Raiders’ off-season so far. However, it’s safe to say that all of Raider Nation shares the same opinion of Khalil Mack; he needs to stay.

With an extension for him looming, we’ve seen the Silver & Black play the budget game this year in free agency, by going after one-year, bargain players. There have been several reports about the Raiders and Mack, but how close are they really? Let’s dive right in. Continue reading Raiders: What We Know So Far On Mack