Degeneration R: Taking on the NFL Lines Week 15

These lines are from the Bovada sportsbook as of 12/11/2018.

Record Last Week:

Rory: 6-10

Chris: 8-8

Record Year To Date: Worst year ever.

Rory: 92-108-8

Chris: 98-102-8

LAC @ KC -3.5

Rory: In principle, betting against the Chiefs at Arrowhead is certifiably insane. The Chargers are due for another Chargers like choke and it could be an epic one in Missouri.

Chris: With everyone talking about how the Chargers are real contenders in the AFC, I think the Chiefs will put LA back in there place.

HOU @ NYJ +6

Rory: Six points at home is simply not enough of a spread to take a poor team lead by a rookie quarterback against a defense with multiple studs. Houston should get back on track nicely this week.

Chris: The win streak for the Texans came to a halt last week but with a less than stellar Jets team this week, I think Houston gets their tenth win on the road.

CLE @ DEN -3

Rory: Mile High is another home field that you genuinely want to limit how frequently you bet against it. The thin air causes high levels of stupidity, it’s scientifically proven. Denver is going to be light weapons and ultimately the Browns have a better quarterback.

Chris: Even though Denver lost to a bad Niners team, I think home field advantage comes into play this week and I think they cover against the Browns.

GB @ CHI -5.5

Rory: Chicago is likely to win this game and they are proven that in certain situations, defense can be the focal point of a team. I think the Packers continue to ride the “Bye bye Mike McCarthy” wave and if nothing else, keep this close.

Chris: Raider Nation sure wants the Bears to lose whenever possible, but they keep eeking out wins and I think that trend continues at home.

DET @ BUF -2.5

Rory: The Lion’s injury report looks like a MASH unit. With an outdoor game in the bitter cold north upcoming and a running quarterback under center, I don’t think this goes well for anyone but Buffalo.  

Chris:  With a high of 39 degrees, I don’t think the Lions show up in the cold this week, the Bills should win.

TB @ BAL -8

Rory: This is a situation where I don’t doubt who wins the game, I just don’t buy the line. Tampa stifled the Saints for a half and beat Carolina two weeks ago. They could very easily keep this within a touchdown on the road.

Chris: The Ravens can use this week to take full advantage of the Steelers three-game losing streak to possibly get themselves in first place, provided that Pittsburgh loses to the Patriots.

AZ @ ATL -8.5

Rory: If there was ever a week for the Falcons to just be the Falcons, this is it.

Chris: My fantasy football team could use a big game from Matt Ryan to get me into the Super Bowl. So I’ll take the Falcons at home but don’t be surprised if the Cardinals make this interesting.

OAK @ CIN -3

Rory: The Bengals don’t have their starting quarterback or their best receiver. The defense is also beat up. With the Raiders finally making sense on offense led by an efficient Derek Carr, this could be a bit of a coming out party if the defense can confuse the quarterback. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Raiders win with a margin.

Chris: The Raiders have finally shown up! Just 13 weeks to late. Better late than never, I suppose. Perhaps this is a look at how the team may look next season, wherever that might be. I’ll take the Raiders here.

TEN @ NYG -2.5

Rory: Last week’s blowout by the Giants is still one of the oddities of the 2018 season. The problem for the G-Men is the Tennessee defense. This should be low scoring and the Titans pull it out for the victory.

Chris: This one is really a toss up to me. I’m not putting much stock into the Giants big win last week but at the same time, I’m also doing the same thing for the Titans. So with that, I’ll take the Giants to be different.

MIA @ MIN -7

Rory: I am embracing my inner Chris. I am going with the Dolphins… to be different.

Chris: I want the Dolphins to win this because I think no one expected them to remain in the playoff hunt this long. However, with a new offensive coordinator in town, I see the Vikings pulling away in this one.

WAS @ JAC -7

Rory: No other game this week has as much potential to be utterly shameful as this matchup. Terribly played football tends to produce close games and that means taking the dog in this case. The Redskins led by a player not named Mark Sanchez should at least be slightly better than horrible.

Chris:  Josh Johnson of the AAF is starting in this game. Granted, I do think right now he is a step up from Mark Sanchez, but I don’t think it’s enough to win. Take the Jags and the points.

DAL @ IND -2.5

Rory: Raider Nation wishes the coaches did the obvious thing and used Amari Cooper consistently, but in typical Raider fashion they didn’t. All that being said, the Cowboys should do just enough to win this game and I have more faith in them as a dog than I do the Colts as a favorite.

Chris:  Raider Nation sure wishes they had the consistent version of Amari Cooper. He has been on another level and I think he has another huge game as the Cowboys roll over the Colts on the road.

SEA @ SF +5.5

Rory: Seahawks all day long.

Chris: Was it the Seahawks defense stepping up or a bad Vikings offense on the national spotlight last week? The Niners offense doesn’t impress me all that much, so I think Seattle’s defense has another strong game.

NE @ PIT +3

Rory: There are two teams in the AFC who habitually go through bizarre stints of choking and one is the Chargers. The other is the Steelers and with a roughed up Big Ben, the Patriots should do what they do best and turn this game into a clinic of how to attack weaknesses.

Chris: Will the Steelers lose a fourth in a row or with the Patriots lose in back-to-back weeks? I’ll take the latter. This should be a THRILLING game. However, give me the Pats if Big Ben doesn’t play.

PHI @ LAR -9.5

Rory: My fantasy team desperately needs the Rams to be the Rams for a righteous comeback in week two of the first playoff game. The Eagles are a good team to get offensively right against.

Chris: After a disappointing loss to the Bears last week, I think the Rams bounce back with a huge game as they still seek to get the No. 1 spot in the NFC.

NO @ CAR +6.5

Rory: You really never know what you will get with the Saints on the road and outdoors. You also don’t know what you will get from the Panthers in any week. With those choices, I will take the Saints.

Chris: It seemed like it was just yesterday when the Panthers were on top, now look at them! I think there shot at the postseason gets further away as the Saints win on the road.

Where we disagree: CLE @ DEN -3, GB @ CHI -5.5, TB @ BAL -8, TEN @ NYG -2.5, MIA @ MIN -7, WAS @ JAC -7, NE @ PIT +3


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