Internet Ablaze As Mariota Predicted to Lead Raiders To Playoffs

Social media was on fire when someone predicted Marcus Mariota would take over as the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback and lead them to the playoffs.

It’s way too soon to make seasonal projections for the 2020 season given that the NFL draft has yet to take place. Also, teams are still signing free agents. In a nutshell, teams haven’t even formed yet. That didn’t stop a particular prediction from going viral, and Raider Nation ran with it like a runaway train.

Apparently, Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports stated he thinks Mariota will take over as starting quarterback and actually lead the Silver and Black into the postseason. Man, talk about going out on a limb considering we don’t even know what shape he’ll be in after losing the starting job to Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee. As far as coming West to Las Vegas, Mariota said he wanted “to be a part of a team that believes in you.”

Well, so far he’s saying the right things as we should expect Mariota to do so. Now as far as the prediction itself, at the Raider Ramble we decided to see what fans thought via Twitter.

It Doesn’t Matter Who The QB Is…

The question was posed as a hypothetical given the prediction, would it really matter who’s the signal caller is as long as the Raiders were back in the playoffs? The responses were interesting as you can see in the Tweet.

The general consensus came to two points. One is that the Raiders are about the winning, or “Just Win Baby,” because the end result is bigger than any individual. Essentially if Mariota is the guy then so be it. Others believe that Mariota’s addition will actually push Carr to take this team to the next level.

Either way, let us know Ramble readers what your thoughts are on in our comment section! As always, Ramble On!

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Gabe Martin

Good googly moogly. QB this, QB that,
I’m just happy to see us not ignoring the LB position any longer, and bolstering our already improving Defensive line.


MM8 is totally capable of leading a team not only to the playoffs but all the way to the big dance and winning. The Titans never even tried to build a team around Marcus’s unique game winning skills. When I watched how the Ravens turned Lamar Jackson loose, I always felt bad for MM8 being trapped in a system that failed to recognize his phenomenal talents. Joining up with two believers in Mike & John @ the Raiders, I think is the perfect recipe to finally unleash what will be a record shattering QB. And, Raider nation will be happy… Read more »