Poll: Was Derek Carr’s Extension Worth It Back in 2017?

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr continues to be a polarizing force amongst Raider Nation. A recent poll the Raider Ramble ran is proof that fans are still indifferent to their team’s signal-caller.

No matter how you feel about Carr as a person off the field or regarding his play, he’s still arguably the best quarterback since Rich Gannon. You’d think someone with passing records and Pro Bowl appearances would rally fans. Unfortunately, anyone who’s on social media will tell you that’s not the case. In particular, Twitter seems to be dominated by the Carr debate, which won’t end until he’s no longer a Raider or the team wins a Lombardi Trophy. Not much of a grey area there and fans were recently given a harsh reminder of why that debate continues thanks to Josh Dubow of the Associated Press.

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In a Tweet this past Monday, Dubow jogged everyone’s memory by pointing out that it marked the three year anniversary of Carr’s extension. A contract that’s worth $125 million. The zinger is the Raiders have been 28th in league scoring and are tied with Washington and Tampa Bay for 25th best record. Ouch.

In response to such a milestone, the Ramble Twitter account posed the following question: “Was it worth signing Carr to an extension back in 2017?” As always, fans did not disappoint with their responses:

-No. I said it then and say it now. He just isn’t that good. He is an average QB. Top Arm talent with below-average mental makeup. –Eric

-At the time yes, right now I’d say no. He better play up to it now or that’s it. –Darvin

-Yes. He’s entering his 3rd Year in Gruden’s system, and now has the weapons to succeed. –Richard

One Twitter follower with the username Name Cannot Be Blank brought up an interesting point. He pointed out that when surrounded with talent he’ll produce, which is ironic since 2016 was the last time you can say he had “talent.”

At the time, it seemed like an expensive deal but he is right at Teddy Bridgewater money which puts him in 2nd tier QB money wise. Surrounded by talent he has produced. He may not be a top tier QB but with contracts inching towards 40 a year hes paid his worth right now. –Name Cannot Be Blank

No matter how you feel about Carr, he’s Jon Gruden’s “guy” entering his third year under that offense. For now, fans will be closely watching as this is shaping up to be Carr’s “prove it” year. Be sure to check out our original poll Tweet to see all of Raider Nation’s responses.

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