Marshawn Lynch To Raiders Is Becoming More Factual Than Fictitious

Marshawn Lynch and his agent were given permission to talk to the Oakland Raiders in order to work out a trade. He wasted no time because according to Ian Rapport of NFL Network, the Raiders are working a trade pending a “re-worked” contract as also reported here at earlier today.

Lynch has said he wouldn’t ask for much money though exactly “”how much is not too much” remains to be seen. Likewise, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report reports that the Raiders won’t have to trade much in order to acquire him. A seventh-round pick might be enough to get the deal done as the Seahawks’ other choice is to cut him and absorb a cap hit.

Lynch to the Raiders might have a resolution soon after a news-filled day. In the meantime, let’s all have a bag of Skittles and “Taste the Rainbow”. Even though Raider Nation can’t quite order Lynch’s jersey yet, it’s obvious this might be the eve of something for the team tomorrow; even Lynch’s official Twitter account teased something’s about to happen.

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