Degeneration R: Picking the Lines NFL Week 1

This will be a weekly article where Chris and Rory make their picks against the spread. Each week will be tracked and at the end of the season, we will crown a winner who will get to rub it in every Rambler’s face even if they are not a part of this. Let’s have some fun degenerates!

Atl @ Phi -3

Chris: I’m going against the spread here. I think the Falcons come out hot with something to prove and win by 10.

Pick: Falcons +3

Rory: Vegas showing no respect for the champs who will not have their top quarterback. Superbowl MVP or not, Falcons light up the Eagles.

Pick: Falcons +3

Buf @ Bal -7

Chris: Ravens cover the spread here and win by 14. Are we sure Nathan Peterman knows he’s supposed to throw it to the offense?

Pick: Bal -7

Rory: I hate giving up a full touchdown and PAT in the NFL, but I would feel dirty not doing it.

Pick: Bal -7

Hou @ Ne -6.5

Chris: I think the Pats win, but only by 3, they will not cover the spread.

Pick: Hou +6.5

Rory: Are the Texans only allowed to play the Flying Elvises in Foxborough? Would not surprise me if Houston won this outright.

Pick: Hou +6.5

SF @ Min -6

Chris: Vikings take care of business winning by 7.

Pick: Min -6

Rory: This Viking defense is good, but not good enough for me to sleep on a Shanahan offense.

Pick: SF +6

Cin @ Ind -3

Chris: Going against the spread big time here, as the Bengals win by 20.

Pick: Cin +3

Rory: Why on God’s Green Earth Indy is giving points to a mediocre team under any circumstance is beyond my comprehension.

Pick: Cin +3

Jax @ NYG +3

Chris: The G-Men with a clean bill of health in 2018 will bounce back strong this season and it starts with a Week 1 win.

Pick: NYG +3

Rory: First home dog of the week, give me the points.

Pick: NYG +3

Pit @ Cle +4

Chris: Upset alert! Browns start off as the underdog but come out on top by 6.

Pick: Cle +4

Rory: No Lev? No problem. I mean, it’s the Browns.

Pick: Pit -4

TB @ No -9.5

Chris: Saints cover this with no problem, win by at least 14.

Pick: NO -9.5

Rory: Yeesh that’s a lot of chalk to eat… Yummy chalk.

Pick: NO -9.5

Ten @ Mia +1

Chris: Titans by 3.

Pick: Ten -1

Rory: This is simple, Miami is bad and the Titans aren’t.

Pick: Ten -1

KC @ LAC -3

Chris: Chargers are -3 but I think they roll over the Chiefs and win by 17.

Pick: LAC -3

Rory: I wouldn’t mind if both teams ended up with major quarterback injuries.

Pick: KC +3

Sea @ Den -3

Chris: This one comes down to quarterbacks and the Seahawks have the better one, they are three-point underdogs but win by five.

Pick: Sea +3

Rory: That Bronco D looked discombobulated in the preseason and Wilson is a discombobulation machine.

Pick: Sea +3

Dal @ Car -3

Chris: I think we see a push here. A Gano field goal in the final seconds pushes the Panthers to victory.

Pick: Push

Rory: Nothing about this game feels right to me, I just can’t trust Jason Garrett.

Pick: Car -3

Was @ Ari Pick ‘Em

Chris: Alex Smith is in town and he’ll show he means business; Redskins win by 5.

Pick: Was

Rory: Another line I do not get. Skins and it is not close.

Pick: Was

Chi @ GB -7.5

Chris: Despite the presence of Khalil Mack, the Aaron Rodgers led Packers group will blow out the Bears by 25, more than covering the spread.

Pick: GB -7.5

Rory: The talent on the Green Bay offense is not what it once was. Think this stays mildly close.

Pick: Chi +7.5

NYJ @ Det -7

Chris: I think this one is close, Lions win, but not by much. Jets cover the spread here losing by 4.

Pick: NYJ +7

Rory: Sam Darnold will do some Sam Darnold-ey things both good and bad which will make this fun.

Pick: NYJ +7

LAR @ Oak +4.5

Chris: Raiders are 4.5 point underdogs but will win by 6 to cover the spread.

Pick: Oak +4.5

Rory: The media and Vegas have no idea how to account for Gruden plus the Rams are everyone’s darling. Think Raiders win, regardless give me the points.

Pick: Oak +4.5

Games where we differ:

SF @ Min, Pit @ Cle, KC @ LAC, Dal @ Car, Chi @ GB

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