Ramble Reaction: Week 16 vs. the Broncos

174 wins in this Coliseum but this was one of the most satisfying. Might be the last game in Oakland, so it’s supposed to be emotional & full of questions about which team will show up, right?

I was going to start this article off in terrible field position, then Dwayne Harris just picked it up and took it to the house! Santa Claus himself drew that play up. Could the “last game in Oakland” have started any better? The crowd was absolutely electric.

Words really can’t explain the way this game started.

If a huge special teams play wasn’t odd enough for you, the defense started strong. Some big hits & clutch tackles set up our offense in a position to succeed, something we’re not used to seeing in the first two quarters of a game.

Derek Carr finished the 2nd quarter 12/17 for 121 yards, giving Jordy Nelson 42 receiving yards. While the defense held the Broncos to 3.7 yards per play. Daniel Carlson topped off a dominant 1st half with a field goal, heading into the locker 17-0.

As the game continued the thrill started to settle. The offense lost its spark and started shifting to conservative play calling. Case Keemun and the Broncos begin to close the gap then BAM, interception. Marcus Ghilchrist’s 2nd INT this season sealed the game for the Silver and Black.

This was a much deserved win. Not just for the players that went out there and gave their best effort, but also for the fans who deserved this send-off.

Carr finished a good game on a light load, 19/26 for 167 yards. Doug Martin headlines the offense, 107 yards averaging 5.1 yards per carry. Old man Jordy Nelson shows up big again with seven receptions for 75 yards. The defense walked away with two INTs.

Oakland fans deserved every second of this.

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