Raiders QB carousel at full speed ahead of free agency

The NFL offseason is only a couple weeks old, but the Las Vegas Raiders have been preparing for 2020 since their season effectively ended last December. In the meantime, the rumor mill hasn’t stopped and it’s uncertain who the starting quarterback will be this upcoming season.

The talk has been Carr is likely coming back, but behind the scenes, trade talks might be going on and of course, we have the elephant in the room that just won’t go away, Tom Brady. What are the options at quarterback? Which is the best? I will place the options I believe are seriously being taken into consideration.

Raiders have plenty of options at QB

Derek Carr

Carr is arguably the most polarizing player in franchise history. This past season he had solid numbers on paper, but it did not translate to the wins one would expect. We know the quarterback has not been adequately surrounded with talent at receiver during his stint (except for two years) and he has never had a decent defense but spiking the ball on fourth down or not running when the goal line is near has had fans yanking their hair out.

Highlights this past season

In the game against the Lions, Carr threw some exceptional passes and had a game winning drive with a pass to win where he scrambled in order to let the play develop. Game one against the Broncos was a real solid showing as well.


Against the Packers, he had another fumble just out of the endzone. The first game against the Chiefs and the one at the Meadowlands were a fiasco. It’s fair to wonder if the Raiders will give him one last shot with a legit receiving corps or move on. Raider Nation is split here.

I will say there are five types of Carr commenters: People who don’t feel he does wrong. The ones that feel he needs help and acknowledge his shortcomings. There are some who back him if he stays and the ones are fine if he goes. Also, there is a faction that blames him for most of it and finally, the ones who blame him for it all. At the end, it remains to be seen whether the Raiders give him the pink slip or not.

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Tom Brady

Among Raider Nation, the majority of fans, for lack of a better term, hate him. Reasoning the disdain towards him is justified, but when his name popped up, many listened and ears perked up. Brady is a six-time Super Bowl champion, one of the greatest of all time, but he is coming of a season in which he did not look like his typical self. He is in his 40’s now and father time is undefeated, but he also didn’t have many options to throw to this past season, so that could also be a reason for the off year.

It’s worth asking if Brady legitimately considers Vegas an appealing city to play in? Does he believe it is a legitimate threat to go all the way because at point he is not playing to have good season, he is playing to win it all.

Cam Newton

The former Heisman Trophy winner, and National Champion had injuries this past season that kept him out for the majority of the year. For the Raiders, it has been a long time since they had the level of mobility Newton carries and what better way to ring in Vegas than bringing in a former MVP who at 30, is going to be motivated to return to form. The big question is how healthy is Newton? If fully healthy, he could be worth a look, especially if a trade can happen with Carolina and trade Carr to the Panthers. Again, we will wait and see.

Matthew Stafford

Stafford, the 2009 first overall draft pick, has had many great seasons statistically, but unlike Carr, has had a pretty good group of receivers, but no real running threat and not the best defense. Stafford, like Newton, was hurt this year, but it was at the halfway point and was putting up great numbers before the injury ironically enough against the Raiders. Stafford is 32 years old and has great numbers, but has not gotten over the hump to really instill much confidence. On the other hand, he has a gunslinger mentality and is fearless, which makes him an intriguing option, especially if given some help. However, we don’t know how he will perform coming off an injury.

It’s important to point out Stafford has put up impressive numbers, but has not won a playoff game and has had better options than Carr, so why go down that route? Again, this option is very intriguing and one I believe many won’t be opposed to.

Jordan Love

Love played in the Mountain West, not exactly the big boys of College Football, but he always showed something you couldn’t put your finger on and Senior Bowl week talk of Love just kept surfacing. Jordan, who is 6’4′ and can move, has fans salivating at the idea of getting him in the draft. Consensus is Burrow, Tua and Herbert will be the first three quarterbacks taken. Love could be the fourth one.

The Raiders can get a receiver with the 12th overall pick, but if they really want Love they should pull the trigger and draft Love, who could then redshirt behind Carr for a year.

However, the quarterback situation plays out, if the Raiders are winning come December, Raider Nation will be united in support of whoever is under center.

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