Nostalgia Blurring Raiders QB Jason Campbell’s Real Impact

The past 17 years have not been kind to the Las Vegas Raiders in terms of wins and losses.

Aside from a flash in the pan of what was a 12-4 season in 2016 that fizzled out after Derek Carr broke his leg, the Raiders haven’t finished better than 8-8. They achieved the .500 mark in back-to-back years in 2010 and 2011. Jason Campbell, Bruce Gradkowski, and Carson Palmer called the majority of shots in that span.

During the brief Jason Campbell era of the Silver and Black, the team seemed to be in a great position for sustained success. That came to a crashing halt when Campbell broke his collar bone in a 24-17 win over the Browns in 2011. The injury brought an end to Campbell’s time as the Raiders signal-caller. Now, with the team still longing for a winning record, nostalgia is kicking in for some. As one fan said, “Campbell was a legit quarterback. I’d take him over Carr any day.”

Raiders: What Do the Numbers Say?

In 2010, Campbell finished with a 7-5 record and his 84.5 QB rating was 18th overall in the league. A year later, Campbell had the team positioned for success. With an impressive 4-2 record to start the 2011 season, Campbell’s six touchdowns to four interceptions were nothing to brag about. To me, Campbell was just enough to get the job done but wasn’t going to put you over the top. Also, he wasn’t going to kill the team by making routine bonehead mistakes either. In my opinion, Campbell hit his ceiling with the Raiders.

This all stems from a Tweet by Josh Dubow of the Associated Press. He pointed out Campbell was 5-3 against playoff teams while all other Raiders quarterbacks have a combined 10-88 record over the last 17 seasons. This tweet along with other discussions that happen on a daily basis serves as fuel on a fiery discussion that fans and media continually have. They either are done with Carr as the quarterback or simply don’t believe he will get the job done.

Statistically speaking, there’s not really a debate, Carr is clearly the superior quarterback. Although, as former NFL head coach Herm Edwards famously said, “You play to win the game” and to that effect, Al Davis coined the phrase “Just Win Baby”, which is what Campbell did…sort of. The 5-3 record against playoff teams and his 11-7 overall record with the Raiders is a microcosm of “what could have been”.

As far as Carr is concerned, that’s a discussion for another day. Whether you like it or not, he’s the starter entering the 2020 season.

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7 thoughts on “Nostalgia Blurring Raiders QB Jason Campbell’s Real Impact”

  1. I remember that year very well. This article is a half told story as usual when the haters come out against Carr. Darren a McFadden was playing exceptionally well as was Jacoby Ford, Darius Hayward Bay, and Louis Murphy. Their strength was their defense. They had two of the top corners in the league with Asomugha and Routt. along with a strong defensive line, Lamar Houston, Richard Seymour. Problem was after a 4-2 start, players started dropping like flies to IR. Carson Palmer came in but all the offensive weapons were on IR. In 2016, Carr propelled the team to 12-3 and was injured. The Raiders could have easily gone 13-3 that season and done some damage in the playoffs but with out Carr, they couldn’t win a game. I liked Campbell but numbers don’t lie, Carr is a much better quarterback and his numbers last season were achieved with the worst receiving core in the NFL. With the increase in offensive weapons, we will see a better Raider team and Carr will silence his haters.

  2. The raiders need to get back to hard nose,old school football,quit whining about Carr,get her done.That’s why I love Josh Jacobs he runs over you, not out of bounds.Action speaks louder than words!Poop or get off the pot!

  3. Raymundo Romero

    Every year since 2002 the season ended. Myself, as a Raider fan,expect a better season to come. but has not happened….it just seems the lows just get worse every new year, new season, we just need stability…. the faithful stay faithful like myself and my family looking for the best season from our Raiders. there’s a saying that has stuck with the Nation ” Win , Lose ,or Tie RAIDERS TIL I DIE!!!! I will NEVER lose faith in our Raiders from Los Angeles, to Oaklad , and now Las Vegas !!!!!! VIVA LOS RAIDERS!!!!!!

  4. Raymundo Romero

    And to have only 3 winning seasons in the past 15 years I think we are over due for a winning streak season and seasons to come… viva los RAIDERS!!!

  5. If Carr was leading that offense with DMC, we would’ve won the division and made some noise in the playoffs!

  6. Can we please, just let Jason Cambpell stories go away? Every single off season, half the Raider feed is Jason Campbell, the dude has been out of the league for almost a decade, let’s move on. If people INSIST on talking about old QB’s and “what could have been” then talk about the mishandling of Carson Palmer, or how better coaching could have effected the litany of other QBs that didn’t pan out. Further more, Dubow is a stat troll. All he does it look for click bait stat lines to post. I’m a stat guy, but they can all be SKU’d very easily, and please remember Football is the ULTIMATE TEAM SPORT, it takes a combination of players to build a team. Sometimes the missing piece is just one player, but you can’t put Tom Brady from 2010, and put him on an 0-16 team and expect that team to win instantly.

  7. Nick Tsigounis

    I would of liked to have seen him with the same offensive coordinator for a couple years instead of a new system every year.

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