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Is Raiders Coaching Staff Unable To Develop Talent?

A recurring theme with these Las Vegas Raiders and their coaching staff is players leaving and finding success elsewhere. Sooner or later, we have to beg the question if this is an indication that Jon Gruden and the coaching staff can’t develop talent?

As the Silver and Black prepare for their matchup against the Miami Dolphins, they’ll be facing a familiar face in rookie Lynn Bowden Jr. In a case of embarrassing miscalculation, the Raiders’ brass traded away their rookie without giving him a chance to see what he could do on the field. General manager Mike Mayock maintained it was a football decision at the time. If that’s true, does this mean the Raiders coaching staff doesn’t know how to utilize talent? They seem to maximize some players but there’s a recurring theme with casting out certain players. Unfortunately, when the Raiders don’t know how to use a player, they ship them out or don’t bring them back. In most cases, said players find success elsewhere.

Recently, Josh Dubow of the Associated Press pointed this out, citing former second-round pick Mario Edwards.

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What’s The Issue With The Raiders?

Keep in mind Edwards is just one example, since leaving the Raiders, he has accumulated 11 tackles for a loss, nine sacks, and two forced fumbles. Context is important though, those stats were amassed in three seasons since 2017, however, would this production not be enough in Las Vegas?

Safety Karl Joseph’s another example of questionable decision making by the Raiders. In 2020, Joseph’s thrived with the Cleveland Browns. In pass coverage, he has allowed 18 completions with a 60 percent completion rate. His sole interception and four passes defensed would’ve boosted a meager Raiders pass defense. His run defense was also missed this year, he currently has a 64.0 Pro Football Focus grade.

The message we can gather from the Raiders is that if you don’t fit the mold of what they’re trying to do, whether it’s the scheme, culture, or ‘character,’ they move on. This would be flawed if it’s true, a successful coaching staff maximizes the talent it has, regardless of flaws.

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8 thoughts on “Is Raiders Coaching Staff Unable To Develop Talent?”

  1. let me start by saying I like Abram’s, but if the staff could have kept Joseph and used that pick for another position of need, say LB and developed Joseph into the player he is today our D would be in a better position

  2. The coaches (PG) are afraid of Abram, therefore won’t sit him down to teach him – all the coaching energy has gone to the offense anyway. Mack was a fluke that we took him, however I’ll still 50/50 on the trade because we had so many holes across the board and still do. Who could we trade again to get a defensive haul???

  3. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Gruden is not a good fit. He gets hired, trades 2nd best defensive player in the NFL, gets rid of the 2nd best punter in the league at the time. Since then Gets rid of Cooper, Joseph, feliciano, Burrifect, and there’s more . General manager brings in players and they end up playing a different position instead of the position they excelled in? Hello Gruden is grasping for straws. By the time Mark Davis wakes up the Raiders will be no more than a laughing stock.

  4. Gabriel D. Martin

    Merry Christmas Mario! Thanks a million for writing the above article. A thousand thank you’s in fact. This has been a spirit crushing element of Raider issues for this long suffering fan. One common theme within Economics is “value added” and it applies so much in sports. There are so many players that have entered and exited through the Raider portal, with no value added. But, it was there! The potential was ignored or paid short shrift, or the responsibility was not engaged.

    There are teams, such as the Patriots and Seahawks that have embraced the talent recognizing and building scenario for years, and have been much the better for it. On the flip side, Gruden and Mayock, say silly things (in my opinion) that don’t stand up to scrutiny, such as the following: We are going to make taking players from Clemson a priority, because coming from Dabo Swinneys program, they know how to win. What? There are high level, high motor, high character players across all divisions in most programs.

    I mentioned Joseph a few times. He was one of my favorites. Dedicated, committed, a hitter. A hitter that is more disciplined, and was as a rookie, than Abram. Latavius Murray. Carr loved him. High character, great team player. Tough, and a good blocker with good hands. I’m not going to go down a rabbit hole here, because I have went there way too many times, but: Mack. Generational player. He and Carr fed off of one another. He, if anyone was, what we called in the Army, a Force Multiplier. One Mack, exponentially elevates the performance of the entire team.

    If a Receiver has poor hands, or fill in the blank. Whatever it is, should be better next year. It should not be a recurrent issue. I’m no football expert, but what about Littleton and Joyner? We have a lot of talent that is not being utilized fully. The team is close. We have a good Tight End unit. A few defensive bright spots, but talent development and missed opportunities in that regard have plagued the team consistently. Win lose or tie, I’m a Raider till I die. I just want to see us play to potential.

    God Bless, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year fellow members of Raider Nation. Gabe

  5. John Gruden maybe the worse play caller in the league I hate the script first fifteen plays his first play is run up the middle every time and no creativity in the red zone this must be his last Year.

  6. It is true what everyone is saying John gruden is a great analyst but not a great coach or even a good coach. Why would anyone want to give him such a great amount of money for coaching with little success. Same story same results every year. I have been a raider fan for over 45 years. When is the pain going to stop

  7. First of all I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Now, on to the matter at hand – developing talent. In my humble I think a 16 game schedule, injuries and free agency create a situation for focus on simplifying the scheme. If the scheme is to complicated and the coaches can’t communicate it how are the players going to execute it.If they’re thinking all the time they’re not executing. Hat on a hat. Sprint to the ball. Create chaos. This is on defense. On offense let’s go with speed, surprise and creativity. Make the defense think. Cause uncertainty. In summary – keep it simple, develop chemistry and just play.

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