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Bleacher Report Raiders: Social Media Reaction To Team Holding On For Week 17 Win

It was a disappointing 2020 season for the Las Vegas Raiders but there was still football to be played and they showed up for their Week 17 matchup. In the end, it was worth it, as they won their eighth game of the year. Finishing 8-8 is better than 7-9 and social media had plenty to say about the matter.

Another anticlimactic season under Raiders head coach Jon Gruden came to an end. Much like last season, the Silver and Black seemed poised for a playoff trip only to be part of another collapse. There were positives this year but as the team held on for a win against the Denver Broncos, fans are left wondering what might’ve been.

Bleacher Report Raiders: A Meaningless Win

Let’s take a look at Raider Nation on Twitter to gauge the responses to this win, albeit a meaningless one.

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What did Raiders Twitter have to say?

It all depends on where you fall on the spectrum for the Silver and Black. Many are simply fed up with Gruden’s conservative playcalling and see it as a detriment. It seems like as long as Gruden’s the head coach, this team will be held back. How true that is remains to be seen, the charismatic coach isn’t going anywhere, at least not anytime soon.

While an average defense could certainly help, it’s going to take more than that for Las Vegas to go from pretender to contender. Displaying red zone scoring and efficient pass defense in a game like this should not be a prognosticator.

One thing’s for sure, as Maurice Moton of Bleacher Report pointed out, Raiders games never disappoint in the drama department. Raider Nation is going to miss football as they see other teams advance into the playoffs next week.

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9 thoughts on “Bleacher Report Raiders: Social Media Reaction To Team Holding On For Week 17 Win”

  1. Well it’s a win. There’s no denying that the Raiders defense is Horrible!. Their whole defensive coaching staff needs to hit the road. If Gruden doesn’t change his coaching, he needs to hit the street also. His play calling is terrible.

  2. 2021 gonna be a tough year trying to fix entire defense with no cap space. It might be a miracle just to see them win 8 again.

  3. Raider nation with a season of the rona crap , 1st, n 2nd team players and young deff backfield we were only a couple of plays and couple of bad calls away from being 11 – 5

  4. This Raiders team needs an identity. They have to be able to play complimentary football. They must be capable of playing disciplined football and knowing their position. First and Second team players alike. Gruden must be able to adapt his play calling situationally. It seems pedestrian at best, and other teams seem to be able to adapt easily to what he comes up with. The Mckenzie and Gruden era’s have been full of waste. D.J. Hayden, Obi Melifonwu, Gareon Conley, and many others. These guys gotta be developed. Way too many players who produce now for other teams. Defense must be the focus of this draft. The Raiders have turned into an embarrassing sieve.

    Lastly, a question for anybody who wants to weigh in: Why do players like Littleton and Joyner, who played well for Rams, seem to play worse for Raiders? Is it scheme? Is it other players not playing well around them? It has happened a lot with other players during the last decade. Thanks! Happy New Year to fellow long suffering Raider Fans. RN4L!

  5. Uso Raider NATION Samoa

    I dont care if we beat the Donkeys but my biggest problem i have, was to see my RAIDERS miss the playoffs Again. This is hard to swallow gruden getting paid all that money. And nothing to show for. Carr sucks marcus should be starter. My wifes team the Cleveland Browns got a new coach and they are in the playoffs. Mark dāvis is stupid for Paying gruden dat money with out seeing it gruden can take us to playoff n then the super bowl. FIRE GRUDEN…. Thats why AL davis Fired gruden.

  6. Proud of the Raiders this year.
    DC Search hopefully includes an interview with Morgan Scalley (current DC @ Univ of Utah).

  7. Davis made a huge mistake when he paid Gruden all that money to come back and coach. He sucked way back when and he still sucks!! Let’s get us a real coach, fire Gruden!! He’s a dang joke just watch him on the sidelines, he laughs like is it’s no big deal when he calls a shitty play and the other team capitalizes on it. Gruden makes my blood boil with his pathetic coaching.

  8. Ole Raider4life

    Gruden needs to get a defense that attacks on every down!!!,I don’t understand how well we played when we beat the Champs!!!?and still had them on the ropes in second meeting, that’s the Silver nBlack attack we need every game!!!!Chucky need to lay the 🔨 Down

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