Dylan Parham

Childhood Teachings Paved The Way For Raiders OG Dylan Parham

Las Vegas Raiders rookie Dylan Parham comes into the 2022 season with expectations of hopefully becoming an intricate piece on the offensive line. He was the team’s first pick in this year’s draft after the Raiders traded away their first and second-round picks for Davante Adams. Coming into the NFL, Parham is already making waves at training camp in Henderson. Speaking with former Raiders great Eric Allen, Parham reflected on some early life lessons that paved the way for him to become an NFL player.

In an interview at the team’s practice facilities, Parham shared some insight into what his father and grandfather taught him at an early age. Those lessons can be applied to anyone looking to stand out en route to an NFL career.

“I will say from this childhood, somebody’s always watching. You know, so that’s what I’ve heard my dad and my grandfather say. It’s not really what you’re doing when those people are watching, but what are you doing when they’re not watching? So, it’s just like those are the little things that separate you as you [go] to the next level.”

Parham makes a great point, it’s easy to show off for the cameras or when coaches are watching. However, what are you doing to prepare yourself when the spotlight isn’t on, but you know someone is watching? Are you grinding and putting in the hours of work necessary to truly make football your profession?

Dylan Parham makes solid points about preparing yourself for an NFL career

“Every year, high school kids have their dreams, [but] what are you going to do to separate yourself? And then for the next level, it’s like, okay, everybody’s [going to] work out. Everybody’s [going to] do some conditioning. Everybody’s [going to] watch some type of film. What are those little things that you’re going to do to help separate you to get to that next level? So, I mean, hearing that message from them and then really honing in on that was a big step that helped me be successful.”

It’s a proven fact that countless kids across the country have dreams of becoming an NFL player, but just a few select will make it. Playing at Carrollton High School and then Memphis during his collegiate career, Parham obviously took his lessons to heart. Standing out at a school that’s not a powerhouse is no easy task. His ability to be versatile and be adaptable were huge determining factors in his getting drafted by the Raiders. Head coach Josh McDaniels wants an O-line that can shapeshift, filled with linemen that can play more than one position. Playing pretty much every position in the unit is surely one thing that helped Parham stand out in a deep offensive line rookie class. As camp continues this week, Parham is on the right track to make an impact in 2022.

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