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Raiders Camp: Davante Adams Dazzles Nate Hobbs With His Footwork

Teach tape is the spiritual essence of football. Through the years, we have come to expect an abundance of exuberance from Chad Ochocinco. A lot has been made about a preseason practice rep between Davante Adams and Nate Hobbs.

The lifeblood of football

Teach tape is more vital to the game of football than the game itself. Fans are enthralled and beholden to the magnificent clashes of padded-uniformed gladiators. Students of the game are married to their films. Teach tape rewards a player for doing something well and allows coaches to coach up players and show where they erred.

In this clip, Hobbs was engaged in a one-on-one matchup against Davante Adams. A great test for anyone, but especially a young player. According to Pro Football Focus, Hobbs was the best corner in the AFC in 2021. Adams was the most productive receiver in the NFL over the last three years. Remember the timeless cliche, “iron sharpens iron”?

Hobbs can thrive from the unique and enviable position of getting to work, day in and day out, with the best in the business. Adams played a key role in helping to make Jaire Alexander an elite NFL player and not just a great college player.

Dazzled by Davante Adams’ footwork

Adams must have one of the coldest C-walks at the party, because his footwork is phenomenal. The many different ways he broke down Hobbs with footwork alone was magnificence. By the end, Adams had driven Hobbs 2-3 yards backwards before taking a jab step and throwing a shimmy, then making his break, scraping directly across Hobbs’ face, catching him flat-footed while swatting Hobbs’ hand away from him.

What was Hobbs supposed to do? Anyone trying to defend Adams on an island will be treated to a lesson in frustration. A lot of things can be said as to different strategies to approach. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will work, but it’s almost certain that Adams has seen them all. Being defeated in tight coverage within five yards can be demoralizing. In fact, at the end of the rep, you can see the frustration Hobbs has with himself.

The teach in teach tape

For this particular rep, let’s say for starters, he should have gotten his hands on him earlier. Rather than attempting to mirror Adams, he should have stepped forward instead of backwards and closed off the space. He absolutely can’t allow himself to get lulled off to sleep and stop moving his feet.

To his credit, Hobbs stayed squared up in front of Adams and wouldn’t have been beaten by anything other than a three-yard route. As a larger cornerback, Hobbs has benefited from being a physical cornerback. In dealing with the footwork wizardry of elite receivers, it will be best for him to not allow them to start their feet of fury. Every single rep that Hobbs can get on tape and study is an individual golden nugget. His development will only be expedited because other receivers in the league aren’t comparable.

Ochochinco wasn’t wrong in sharing the beauty of Adams rep. But doing anything but applauding Hobbs for getting to work with the best in the business is foolishness.

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*Top Photo: Official Raiders Website

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