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Derek Carr Supporters Keep Making This Flawed Argument Online

The never-ending debate on social media regarding Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is never-ending. Sure, it was temporarily silenced with a three-game win streak, but it’s back with a vengeance. You have talking heads on Twitter making claims that Tom Brady will reunite with Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels. That’s where we are at, folks. However, it’s as good a time as ever to point out a flawed argument that some of Carr’s most ardent supporters are making. We’re referring to the notion that superstar wide receiver Davante Adams will only play with Carr.

The relationship between Adams and Carr is the stuff of legend. They were college teammates at Fresno State, leading their team to championship glory and cementing their place in their school’s lore. Both made their way into the NFL and each experienced success, respectively. This offseason gave them their much-sought opportunity to play together. Earlier in the season, Adams talked about their relationship and how it has translated onto the field.

“It’s always good when you can be reunited with an old, good friend. It’s been fun, just based off of that connection we have off the field. It helps us on the field, being able to be closer and understand each other. We obviously are both big students of the game and put a lot into our craft. It helps, being able to be close, in the conversations we have, whether it be on the practice field or the game field.”

Derek Carr or the Raiders?

It goes without saying that Adams’ first year with the Raiders has not gone as many had hoped. However, both he and Carr publicly expressed their support for a besieged McDaniels. Interestingly enough, the Raiders’ struggles are being tied to the quarterback position. While Adams is putting up record numbers, the offense is still shutting down at crucial times. The most recent occurrence took place on Thursday Night Football. The question that’s picking up steam (especially if the Raiders lose these final four games) is, in fact, whether Carr will be back. More importantly, would Adams request a trade if Carr were gone? It’s an uncanny proposition.

Adams is a lifelong Raiders fan, and his family has followed suit. More importantly, he signed a huge deal this offseason to make his childhood dream a reality. Sure, Adams and Carr have a strong bond—a true friendship—but the league is a business first and foremost. While the Raiders have a potential out with Adams’ contract, that won’t be until 2025, per Spotrac. Adams is making about $19.2 million thanks to his signing bonus alone plus his first season’s salary of $3.5 million. A good friendship is a beautiful thing, but so is a nice bank account. Strictly speaking from a logical standpoint, even if the Raiders move on from Carr, Adams is fully vested in the Raiders. Besides, surely the Raiders would have a plan not to waste Adams’ best years if Carr is shipped out. Well, at least you hope so if you’re a Raiders fan.

*Top Photo: Sporting News

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