2022 Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Football Tracker, Week 16

It’s time for another update to your Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Football Tracker. The Raiders’ main fantasy players had decent days in a zany win over the Patriots. We will provide some further analysis as well as some crucial projections for this week as we enter the playoff semifinals in most leagues! All Raiders fantasy football stats from previous games will come from ESPN, and all points will be based on standard PPR formats.

2022 Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Football Tracker, Week 16

Derek Carr

Week 15 vs Patriots: 231 pass yards, 3 passing touchdowns, 1 interception, 19.24 fantasy points

Season point total: 212.72 (15.2 ppg)


Despite not throwing for a bunch of yards and having an interception, Carr managed to toss three touchdowns. Overall, it ended in his typical 15-20 point range. Even on a good day, Carr is a fantasy dud unless you are in a two-quarterback league.


Week 16 vs Steelers (projected): 206 pass yds, 1 passing touchdown, 12.62 pts

The Las Vegas Raiders face a tough matchup this week for their Christmas Eve matchup with the Steelers. Not only are they battling a defense, but they will also be battling the elements. The weather in Pittsburgh for Saturday evening is looking frigid. We know Carr struggles in cold weather. Still, he is pretty consistent. Expect him to have a slightly below-average game by his standards.

Josh Jacobs

Week 15 vs Patriots: 22 carries, 93 rushing yds, 2 catches, 3 targets, 17 receiving yards, 13 pts

Season total: 295.8 (21.1 ppg)


The Patriots did a pretty good job of containing Jacobs for most of the game. Also, it didn’t help that the Raiders scored their touchdowns on longer passes. Jacobs never really had much of a chance to run one in. He still put up a respectable 13 points, though.


Week 16 vs Steelers (projected): 24 carries, 98 rushing yards, 1 rushing touchdown, 3 catches, 4 targets, 22 receiving yds, 21 pts

Expect to see a fair amount of Jacobs this week. However, he might not break off any monster runs. Although he should get a little extra work in the passing game this week as Carr may throw more check-downs in the cold weather, he should be good for 20 this week.

Davante Adams

Week 15 vs Patriots: 4 catches, 9 targets, 28 receiving yards, 6.8 pts

Season total: 285.4 (20.4 ppg)


Adams had yet another rough week. He was unable to haul in more than half of his targets and was kept out of the end zone yet again. Adams has now failed to score a touchdown in three of the last four games.


Week 16 vs Steelers (projected): 6 catches, 11 targets, 64 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown, 18.4 pts

Despite the conditions, Adams should have solid numbers. In fact, the weather might help him. Carr may not want to take too many chances in this one, which could lead him to lean even more heavily on his favorite target in Adams. He should get back to around 20 points this week.

Hunter Renfrow

Week 15 vs Patriots: 1 catch, 3 targets, 14 receiving yards, 2.4 pts

Season total (Renfrow): 40.6(5.8 ppg)


Renfrow finally made his return to the Raiders. Unfortunately, he is just as ineffective, if not more so, than he was prior to getting injured. He looks like the fifth option, at best, in the Raiders’ passing attack right now.


Week 16 vs Steelers (projected): 3 catches, 5 targets, 27 receiving yards, 5.7 pts

Renfrow may see a slight uptick in volume this week. The weather could lead to more quick throws this week. However, that does not mean that Renfrow will get a huge share of those passes. He still has a lot to prove before you should even consider rostering him.

Darren Waller

Week 15 vs Patriots: 3 catches, 3 target, 48 receiving yds, 1 receiving touchdown, 7.8 pts

Season total (Waller): 53.3 (8.9 ppg)


Waller had a much better return to the lineup than Renfrow. He caught all three of his targets, and one of them went for a touchdown. The volume was low, but that was expected for his first game back. The important thing was that he made the most of his opportunities.


Week 16 vs Steelers (projected): 6 catches, 8 targets, 66 receiving yds, 12.6 pts

This feels like the type of game where Waller should have success. It is a primetime matchup with postseason implications. Plus, you have the type of weather that makes quarterbacks want to throw to their big targets. The only thing going against Waller is that the Steelers are good against tight ends. However, this is not your average tight end. All things considered; Waller is a decent TE1 this week.

Daniel Carlson

Week 15 vs Patriots:  1/1 FG, 1 40-49 yds, 3/3 XP, 7 pts

Season Total: 133 (9.5 ppg)


It was a slow week for Carlson. The Raiders’ offense was shockingly efficient. They actually scored touchdowns. Also, they had long stretches of doing nothing. Carlson took care of business when called upon, though. He was able to muster seven points. Not great, but acceptable from a kicker.


Week 16 vs Steelers (projected): 2/3 FG, 1 <39 yds, 1 40-49 yds, 2/2 XP, 8 pts

The conditions present a catch-22 for Carlson. On one hand, the weather could make it difficult to finish drives, leading to more field goal attempts. On the other hand, the weather will make kicking more difficult. We are going to project a rare miss from Carlson this week, but he should still be good for eight points.

Las Vegas Raiders Defense/Special Teams

Week 15 vs Patriots: 1 touchdown, 1 block, 1 FR, 18 PA, 318 YA, 10 pts

Season Total: 56 (4 ppg)


The Raiders’ defense did not register a single sack, yet they still managed 10 fantasy points. That happened because they did literally everything else. It was a very weird game. While it looks promising on paper, keep in mind that they would have likely finished with about four points if Jakobi Meyers had any situational awareness whatsoever.


Week 16 vs Steelers (projected): 3 sacks, 1 INT, 16 PA, 303 YA, 6 pts

It might finally be time to take a flier on the Raiders’ defense this week. They are playing an anemic offense led by an interception-prone quarterback in Kenny Pickett, and they have weather on their side. At the very least, it should be a low-scoring game. The Raiders don’t have the talent to put up huge numbers, but their floor is pretty high this week.

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