Derek Carr vs. Boomer Esiason And NYC

Derek Carr Wouldn’t Cut It In NYC Says Ex-All Pro Boomer Esiason

Quarterback Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders are headed for divorce. After nine years of mediocrity as an organization, they appear to be moving on from No. 4. Above it all, Carr has remained a respected and overall well-liked human being. Countless players, current and former, along with coaches, current and former, have sung his praises. Big picture: Carr earned that through his play and perseverance as the Raiders floundered with him under center. Now that it appears he’ll play elsewhere in 2023, one destination that Boomer Esiason claims won’t be a fit is New York City.

Is Derek Carr built for New York City or not?

On Monday morning, Esiason made an argument against Carr going to NYC. You can watch the entire clip from Boomer & Gio on WFAN 101.9 here, but here’s the gist of it as it relates to Carr.

“I know for a fact that Derek Carr is not built for here (NYC); I know for a fact. I know that he’s a quarterback that while we all like and respect him, he will not run with the ball. If he’s not going to run with the ball in today’s NFL, you got a problem. You need a quarterback that’s going to get you three to four first downs on the ground every game. He’s just not one of those guys,” said Esiason. That’s quite the statement from a former All-Pro signal-caller that’s very familiar with the Big Apple. From 1993-95, Esiason was the New York Jets’ quarterback, though the team was far from a contender. An organization familiar with dysfunction and a toxic fanbase, much like the Raiders, struggled during Esiason’s tenure (15-27 regular season record). There’s more to it than just not running the ball when it comes to Carr. If need be, Carr will occasionally break one out, but it’s often in dire moments.

Is Boomer Esiason correct in his assessment of Carr?

More often than not, Carr will throw it away or take a sack. What Esiason was trying to point out wasn’t so much about having a dual-threat quarterback in terms of designed plays. No, what he means is someone who isn’t scared to get a first down on his own. Can you count on No. 4 to do that? Ask any Raiders fan and see what they tell you. Another reason why NYC wouldn’t work is the weather. Carr apologists will try their hardest to dispel this notion, but the facts are there. Just look at Carr’s recent performance in Pittsburgh or the litany of examples during trips to Kansas City. Also, there is one more reason that some might overlook. The sports media in New York is absolutely ruthless. Carr, for the most part, has been coddled by the Vegas media, simply put. The moment things go awry in New York, the media will go head-hunting, and Carr’s family won’t be able to do much about it. This offseason is already shaping up to be an interesting one.

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