Jarrett Stidham, QB, #3, Las Vegas Raiders (Photo by USA Today Sports)

Jarrett Stidham Lets Loose in Interview

The Las Vegas Raiders’ new starting quarterback, Jarrett Stidham, spoke with two close colleagues that have known him since his high school days. In this interview, former and current NFL quarterbacks Jordan Palmer (former) and Kyle Allen (current Houston Texans backup) talk with Jarrett about many topics. From last week’s performance against the 49ers to Stidham’s childhood. For Raider Nation, this piece was reduced to predominately football-related material; for the full hour-plus-long video, you can click here to watch the entire interview. Palmer and Allen host The Room on YouTube, and you can subscribe to their channel in the hyperlink above.

Kyle Allen: After four years of pushing through adversity, what were your feelings after the game?

Jarrett Stidham: “There was a lot of emotions; mainly, I was pissed off about not winning. We scored on every drive in the draft and could’ve scored more. You work so hard for something in life, and you don’t see the fruits of your labor until a certain point. I texted Kennedy (his wife) right before the game, and I started tearing up. All the s*** I dealt with my rookie year, my second year (Covid-year), and then last year not playing at all due to injury. I didn’t care; I was just excited about the opportunity to play and start in an NFL football game.”

Kyle Allen: After not playing last year due to injury, was there doubt about whether or not you still have the ability to perform?

Jarrett Stidham: “I have always been very confident, and going into Sunday, I didn’t really know how it was going to go. When bullets fly, things are completely different. I was confident in myself and the guys I was playing with. I am playing with the leading rusher behind me, superman on the outside, Darren Waller, Mack Hollins, Foster Moreau, and guys up front that can play.”

Jordan Palmer: I feel like Josh McDaniels dialed it up for you. Is that true?

Jarrett Stidham: “It’s about getting in a rhythm early and moving the chains. It’ll be a long day if you can’t get in a rhythm. I talked to my QB coach about it, and it was about taking what was there and not getting too greedy.”

Kyle Allen: What about the Derek Carr decision? How was the locker room navigating that leading up to the game?

Jarrett Stidham: “I love Derek. He was very helpful to me in the spring. We clicked very early and had a great relationship throughout the year. He and Davante are best friends, there was definitely an elephant in the room, but everyone handled it the best they could. At the end of the day, the veterans understand it’s a business, and some things happen and don’t exactly have a reason. A lot of guys realized we have a lot to play for, and we still have to play a really good team. By Thursday, we were moving forward and getting ready for the 49ers.”

Kyle Allen : It seemed like you and Josh McDaniels have been close since your New England days; what is your relationship like with him?

Jarrett Stidham: “Josh and I have a great relationship. He and Tom Brady were together for years and years and won a lot. I got to see Tom’s 20th year in the system and how they worked together, and what the expectations were. For our generation, Tom, Peyton, Drew, and Aaron, were at the top of the top. I picked up on the little things I was and wasn’t doing like Tom. I tried to mimic things Tom did. Coming to Las Vegas, I knew what every day was going to look like – walkthroughs, routine, practice. I knew what I was getting into beforehand.”

Kyle Allen: Is there anything tangible on the field you took from Tom Brady?

Jarrett Stidham:Great question, the way he took his dropbacks. I don’t even know what to call it – on a five-step drop, he took the first three steps and then would take 2 shuffle-like steps to finish. It was different, and I tried to do it, and that’s what Josh expected me to do. We talk about having ‘unsackables’, where you just have to hit a hand, and it’s either going to be a first down or third and short. There was always a plan presnap where he was going to go with the ball almost every time before the ball was ever snapped. Josh wanted me to learn as much as possible from him.”

Jordan Palmer: For people that don’t know much about you, expand on your childhood and where your grit and resiliency comes from.

Jarrett Stidham:I won’t get into everything. I grew up in Steven Mill, Texas – a small town. We were just country boys from nowhere and we beat teams in high school we had no business beating. We worked harder than everyone though and knew how to finish in the 4th quarter. I moved out of my parent’s house as a senior in high school. I worked a job for most of high school to pay for my gas and buy food to eat with my friends. It added a layer of perspective to my life. I believe good things happen to people that work hard.”

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