Raiders QB Derek Carr was almost dealt to the Colts?

Is Report Of Colts Offering Multiple Picks To The Raiders For Derek Carr Exaggerated?

Are recent reports of the Indianapolis Colts offering two first-round picks to the Las Vegas Raiders for franchise quarterback Derek Carr a bit exaggerated? More importantly, why?

With Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr essentially a goner, trade scenarios and offseason ideas are running rampant. However, one particular notion that’s made waves is the apparent notion that the Indianapolis Colts were going to give up two first-round picks for the besieged signal-caller. That would’ve been quite the move for all parties involved, but are all the facts correct when it comes to this “story?”

The thing with stories such as these is that the facts sometimes don’t line up. First off, if the Colts were really offering two first-round picks last offseason, what did they see from this past NFL season to discourage them from even being in the running anymore? It’s being reported that they have no interest in a trade now. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean the Colts won’t sign him if Carr is released outright. But to go from being willing to offer a Brinks truck’s worth of draft capital to taking their chances in free agency doesn’t speak well for Carr.

Was Derek Carr really going to be a member of the Colts?

Raiders beat writer Hondo Carpenter mentioned earlier this week that the Colts did indeed offer such a haul for No. 4, but have we heard anything from the Colts’ end? Well, maybe not the organization itself, but people with boots on the ground tell a different story. For instance, Destin Adams of SB Nation, who writes for Stampede Blue about the Colts, gave a very different response to the claim about the two first-round picks.

Look, Carr is gone. Well, technically, at least. Until Carr is off the Raiders’ books, he’s still a Raider. But anyways, many will say, “Who cares?” with regard to an old and supposed offer from the Colts. At the same time, you have to wonder why there is such an emphasis on the two first rounders. Is someone trying to drive up Carr’s value? People familiar with the Colts are dispelling this, so that’s that. If you’re a Raiders fan, I guess it comes down to who you trust with “insider” information. Then again, it’s the offseason.

Regardless, no one’s giving up two first-round picks for Carr unless C.J. Stroud stays in school. Then that scenario might change. Carr also has a no-trade clause, which is crucial in this situation. If a trade does happen, would an NFL team really pay Carr’s current contract? Don’t forget that he’s set to make $33 million next year.

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2 thoughts on “Is Report Of Colts Offering Multiple Picks To The Raiders For Derek Carr Exaggerated?”

  1. Why would the Colts, or anyone else for that matter, give the Raiders anything for Carr? Not that Carr isn’t worthy of some draft capital in a trade. Rather, everyone KNOWS the Raiders have to cut him by 15th February or they’re on the hook for $40 million in salary. If they don’t cut him, not only will they get zero draft picks, but they’ll most likely have to eat a chunk of that salary. The teams that MIGHT be willing to offer a draft pick or two are the ones Carr won’t be interested in, and with his ‘no trade’ clause, he can make that stick.

  2. William Schwartz


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