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AFC West: Broncos Finishing Last, Raiders At The Top?

The AFC West will be stacked this season, and that’s putting it mildly. However, Good Morning Football recently took a look at the division following their offseason additions. So how do they feel about the Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos in particular?

Good Morning Football breaks down their outlook for the AFC West

It’s June, so right now most outlets are covering their season outlooks and predictions. Good Morning Football is no exception, and today, the AFC West was up for debate. Jason McCourty stated that he believes the Broncos will finish dead last in the division in spite of Russell Wilson’s addition.

“They got a new quarterback in Russell Wilson, which is a great addition. He’s a huge upgrade, but he’s not enough to win that division. Wilson has been a guy who was there when they were winning in Seattle. They were built on a really strong defense and a really strong run again, not taking anything away from a really good quarterback.”

It’s an interesting stance when you consider that the Broncos have been offseason darlings the last few years. The common denominator with regard to Denver was that they were missing a quarterback. The thing is, the other AFC West teams have made substantial upgrades, such as the Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers. For example, Pete Schrager, for example, points out that despite Wilson’s arrival, they aren’t finishing ahead of the Raiders. In fact, based on their postseason berth last year and their additions, they’ll be competing with the Kansas City Chiefs. As a side note, the crew appeared to be in agreement that the West still belongs to the Chiefs. Meanwhile, the consensus is that the Broncos will finish last.

“Who are their proven veteran weapons? They have these young talented wideouts and [their] running game is good. But they don’t have a Keenan Allen or a [Travis] Kelce. I just don’t see it, so I’m going [with] Denver as well.”

Regarding the Broncos, Kyle Brandt piled on. Their apparent lack of big-name players is a concern. They have talent, but is it enough to leapfrog the Raiders and Chargers? Only time will tell.

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