Just Catch Baby!

     Written by Mario Tovar  I remember the words like it was just yesterday, “With the Fourth Pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, The Oakland Raiders select Amari Cooper, Receiver from Alabama” and with those words given by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell the Raiders believed they were adding to a long tradition of great wide receivers that have donned the “Silver and Black”. Consequently since making the decision, Raiders’ General Manager Reggie McKenzie has been proven right in choosing the receiver who with his calm, almost timid demeanor, has captured the fandom of Raider Nation. By accomplishing so much in … Continue reading Just Catch Baby!


Echoes of The Archduke

Echoes of The Archduke Written by Mario Tovar More than a century has passed since Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered in the streets of Sarajevo, yet just a few days ago on live television it seems my generation has experienced its own similar event; Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov was gunned down by Mevlut Mert Altintas. When Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip in 1914 it set off a chain reaction that ultimately led to the “War That Would End All Wars” and with it, leaving an entire continent destroyed and almost 38 million dead; in retrospect the total … Continue reading Echoes of The Archduke

The Road To Renewing the Commitment

To this day I remember that cold night in January, I was 14 and somewhat still naïve, watching the Oakland Raiders game with my dad, a night I know my brethren also remember as well. Like a shot to my gut, I saw in astonishment as the referee stripped my team of greatness. I had to tell my dad, “Something about a tuck rule” I said, not fully understanding the rule itself. Yet just like that our season was over, within a few months Jon Gruden was traded away and it marked the end of an era. Yes, the Raiders … Continue reading The Road To Renewing the Commitment

Not So Fast: The Aldon Smith Conundrum

Don’t look now but it’s obvious that the Aldon Smith debacle seems to be a lingering issue for Raiders fans this season, and why wouldn’t it be? The addition of Smith would help take the current defense to another level, something that would only make this season more special. Everyone knows that his pass rusher position is what makes this possible but regardless, I just don’t think it’s happening this year. Roger Goddell is such a polarizing figure as NFL Commissioner, especially when it comes to handing down punishments, and his handling (or mishandling depending on who you talk to) … Continue reading Not So Fast: The Aldon Smith Conundrum

Looking Back: The Commission

An American Dream When you turn on the news right now in America, you hear of the violence that occurs every day, from beheaded bodies in the Southwest to kids overdosing in the inner cities. If you were to ask certain people, they will tell you through a jail window or a retirement village that things were different in the past and there used to be honor and even a certain degree of respect in crime, not like what you see today. Ironically, it was two major assassinations that very few Americans know about that paved the way for a … Continue reading Looking Back: The Commission

Enter The Rambler

Well, what can I say? This is my first blog post EVER and I’m literally just free typing this thing right now and guess what? It feels great! This is a place where I can write what I think about things like my favorite teams including the Raiders, Dodgers, Lakers, and many other things and current issues and/or events that aren’t sports related just because I want to write about them and if you don’t want to read, then don’t. I’m not holding a gun to anyone but I figure if my writing is intriguing or at the very least, entertaining, you’ll … Continue reading Enter The Rambler