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Raiders and Marshawn Lynch would be a consolidation prize for Oakland

Many Oakland Raiders fans want to see Marshawn Lynch come home and play for his hometown team. The Oakland native would bring energy to the city before the team permanently moves to Las Vegas and it would be a win-win situation, but in reality, they don’t need each other to succeed.

Some Raiders fans are not happy and feel betrayed with the Raiders leaving for the glamour of Las Vegas. It would be the Raiders’ way to say “I’m sorry we’re leaving but here’s Lynch, he’s from Oakland, just like you.”

Signing Lynch would clearly be a “p.r. move” that can help distract Oakland fans from the fact that the team’s moving and even provide a temporary “boost” for the Raiders public image just as it needs one, at badly in that regard.

The Raiders are “selling out” in some regards and as we speak, there’s a waiting list to buy tickets to see them while the ink on the relocation paperwork isn’t even dry yet.

Furthermore, the running back position which Lynch would start at it seems, is loaded in the 2017 NFL draft. In this draft there’s a surplus of running backs in early and middle rounds that could satisfy the Raiders’ needs, so why waste a vital spot on a running back that hasn’t been playing and was already showing signs of decline before he retired?

The Raiders are doing just about fine as it is. If they were losing and didn’t have choices, it would be a different thing but I don’t think that many fans would want to miss the opportunity to see them win before they leave Oakland. So yes, It would be nice for fans and the team alike, but “Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders” is not a “must”, it would be more of a desperate attempt at restoring an imaged that isn’t tarnished but certainly has a stain or two now.

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