Calvin Johnson in Silver and Black’s a nice thought, or is it?

It’s amazing what a few years can do to the fortunes of a franchise; from hiring the right boss to making sound decisions in free agency and of course, drafting the “right” talent. Having grown up during some of the most atrocious years in Oakland Raiders’ lore, the fact that a player of the magnitude of Calvin Johnson would consider playing for the team is something to behold.

The latest rumors about Johnson and the flirtation of him suiting up for the Silver and Black reminds us of how far one’s favorite team has come. From “bottom dweller” to ” Mecca” is quite a transformation and yet, would the addition of Johnson be necessary? As it stands, the current expectations for this team are astronomical. Just four years ago the Raiders were one of the worst operated franchises who found themselves in “salary cap purgatory, ” and now it seems like anything but a Super Bowl win would be a disappointment.

Of course, there is nothing substantial about Johnson’s chances other than recent comments in which he “bashed” the Detroit Lions, his former team whom he retired from at a relatively young age. And just like Barry Sanders before him, Johnson rather sit at home than play for an organization that has no sense of direction, but other than that, no other reliable confirmation the Raiders would make any attempt at making something happen.

If there’s one thing that’s come to define the current Raiders’ regime is that one must trust in Reggie McKenzie’s system more than anything. All the pieces are finally in place, barring any major injuries of course, and this team’s “ready to roll” so I wonder if the Raiders need another high-profile to add to the already monumental predictions. The last thing the Raiders need is to be labeled a “dream team” even though that’s all the rage these days in professional sports. Let’s just let this team do their thing, trust the coaches, and more importantly, believe and support the players that are already in Silver and Black who have endured and sacrificed to get this team back to its rightful place in the NFL.



Written by Mario Tovar

As a sports writer I always strive to bring you a unique and fresh perspective on all things sports, including the Raiders. I do my best to give you an unbiased and analytical look at things, a fans perspective if you will. Thank you for taking the time to check out my material on here or any other of the platforms which I’m featured on, thank you.


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