Earlier today it was announced Oakland Raiders’ rookie Gareon Conley is officially done for the season. Shortly thereafter, free agent Antonio Cromartie threw his name into the hat, but does it matter?

Despite having a good showing in minimal action seen, Conley was essentially a non factor this year, quite disappointing considering his status as a first round pick. The defensive struggles while certainly not on the shoulders of a rookie, were hurt by the absence and contributed to the struggles in the backfield.

With the announcement regarding Conley being made official it was Cromartie who took to Twitter to “throw up the bat signal” so to say.

It’s no secret the Raiders cornerbacks have been less than stellar this year which is attributed to many factors that at this point have been extensively covered. But one must ask, would any speculation even matter? Would general manager Reggie McKenzie pull the trigger on Cromartie?

Just a few weeks ago it was McKenzie who signed free agent linebacker NaVorro Bowman and that move paid dividends immediately with his veteran presence. But would this be the case if Cromartie were to put on the Silver and Black? More importantly, would he be used correctly by an embattled coaching staff? Stay tuned Raider Nation.


Written by Mario Tovar

As a sports writer I always strive to bring you a unique and fresh perspective on all things sports, including the Raiders. I do my best to give you an unbiased and analytical look at things, a fans perspective if you will. Thank you for taking the time to check out my material on here or any other of the platforms which I'm featured on, thank you.

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Gabriel D. Martin
Gabriel D. Martin

No thank you. Not the time or the place. Raiders are still smarting from the addition of Smith and Nelson. Some of these Scouts need to aquire more if an ability to scout durability. Hayden Conley and Melifonwu. That’s some wasted draft ammo right there. Especially in light of: Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda.


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