Raiders: Possible Trade Back Scenarios

NFL fans around the world are on pins and needles with the countdown to the draft reaching the two-week mark.

Ignore the flashy lights of free agency, the NFL draft is the true backbone of good NFL teams. With that being said, the draft is also a big time for trades involving draft picks and the occasional player or two.

Let’s take a look at some possible trade back scenarios for the Oakland Raiders. Also, we will focus on teams moving up in the draft to take a quarterback, as needing a QB is the clearest signal for a possible move up in the draft.

To begin, it must be noted that the trade value of the Raiders’ tenth overall pick will be directly tied to the players on the board. So, if one of the top four quarterbacks (Allen, Darnold, Mayfield, and Rosen) are available then the Raiders pick will hold a greater trade value. This is mainly because of the greater likelihood of a team trading up for one of those QB’s as opposed to the second tier; see Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph.

So, each team below with have two trade scenarios: a trade with one of the Top 4 being available and a trade with only Jackson and Rudolph being still undrafted. If you think pick #10 is way too high for Rudolph, remember EJ Manuel and Blaine Gabbert were all first round picks. Teams will reach for a quarterback if they think they are “the guy”.

Buffalo Bills (Picks #12 and #22)

The Buffalo Bills never would commit to Tyrod Taylor. After a mid-season benching for no apparent reason and a trip to the postseason, Taylor was shipped to Cleveland this off-season. Although the Bills signed A.J. McCarron, many believe they still look to add a true franchise QB.

If 1 of the Top 4 are available

Raiders receive pick 12 plus a 2nd Round pick.

Bills receive pick 10.

If only Jackson and Rudolph are available

Raiders receive pick 22, a 2nd and 4th Round pick.

Bills receive pick 10 and a 6th Round pick.

Arizona Cardinals (Pick #15)

The Cardinals signed the injury-prone Sam Bradford to a quite ridiculous one-year deal. While this will undoubtedly blow up in their face, the Cardinals remain in the hunt for a QB. The Cardinals would likely love to jump up and take one of the Top 4 if available, but they could also look to move up in the draft if they feel pressure from other teams for Lamar Jackson.

If 1 of the Top 4 are available

Raiders receive pick 15, the Cardinals’ 2nd Round pick, and a 3rd in 2019.

Cardinals receive pick 10 and the Raiders’ 6th Rounder in 2019.

If only Jackson and Rudolph are available

Raiders receive pick 15 and Cardinals’ 2nd Round pick.

Cardinals receive pick 10.

Baltimore Ravens (Pick #16) / LA Chargers (Pick #17)

The Baltimore Ravens and L.A. Chargers find themselves in similar situations. Both have suffered through some recent mediocre seasons and find themselves with aging QB’s. While a quarterback taken at 10 won’t start for either the Ravens nor the Chargers, Joe Flacco and Philip Rivers are running out of time. However, starting a rookie QB rarely seems to work out well.

Unfortunately, with both the Ravens and Chargers having a guy who could be their starter for the next 2-3 years, this trade would likely bring in less return for the Raiders than with a team with an immediate need at quarterback. Personally, I believe a trade with the Ravens is more likely because the Chargers are in the AFC West, why help them get a QB they want?

If 1 of the Top 4 are available

Raiders get 16/17, 2nd Round pick, 4th Round pick, and 5th Round pick.

Ravens/Chargers get 10.

If only Jackson and Rudolph are available

Raiders get 16/17 and 2nd Round pick.

Ravens/Chargers get 10.

New England Patriots (Pick #23 and #31)

Tom Brady can’t play forever, probably. Bill Belichick already had two QB’s who could’ve possibly replaced him (Garappolo and Brissett) but both started at QB elsewhere in 2017 after trades. The Patriots reportedly have shown interest in Lamar Jackson. With both the Patriots’ picks being so low in the first round, it would likely take both to make the jump to 10. A year or two behind Brady would likely do a lot to help a young signal-caller.

If 1 of the Top 4 are available

Raiders get picks 23 and 31 plus a 4th Round pick.

Patriots get pick 10 and a 6th Round pick.

If only Jackson and Rudolph are available

Raiders get pick 23, a 2nd Round pick, a 3rd Round pick, plus a 3rd Round pick in 2019.

Patriots get 10.

New Orleans Saints (Pick #27) / Pittsburgh Steelers (Pick #28)

The Saints and Steelers are also in similar positions. Both have only one late pick in the first round, have a franchise QB on the way out, and made deep runs in the playoffs this year. Brees just signed a new 2-year deal, which could be his last. Ben Roethlisberger contemplated retirement but decided to return for 2018. Both need a QB and sooner than both fan bases are willing to admit.

If 1 of the Top 4 are available

Raiders get 27/28, a 1st Round pick in 2019, and a 3rd Round pick.

Saints get 10 and a 7th Round pick.

If only Jackson and Rudolph are available

Raiders get 27/28, a 2nd Round pick, a 3rd Round pick, plus a 3rd Round pick in 2019.

Saints get 10.

Okay, Raider Nation let us know what you think of these plausible scenarios.

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Trading down to the #15 spot with Arizona is the best scenario and the one that can plausibly happen. I think AZ may want Mayfield or Jackson. Raiders going down to 15 and still getting additional 2nd rounder would be great. Can still have a shot at getting LB’s Smith if he falls. Evans or Vander Esch will be there or one of top DT’s, Vea, Bryan, Hurst ideally. The CB’s, Hughes, Oliver, Alexander will also be available. As of now, I am rooting for Gruden and Reggie to trade down.


Would the Bills even trade? They know we’re not picking a QB so they would have to think Miami wants their guy. I think they stay put, but if they do trade, they trade up past us. I like the Arizona and New England trade ideas. Arizona being the best deal out there. They clearly need a QB to start after 1 year on the bench. We should still be able to get one of our targets at 15 and pick up another high value pick. New England probably won’t play as nice as you suggest though. If Edmonds/Smith are… Read more »


AZ would jump hard at a trade if a top 4 QB were available. They need to jump MIA and BUF. That will drive up the price significantly. BUF has the biggest pile of chips, they will drive up the price. If AZ or MIA want to make sure they get “their franchise QB” it will cost a minimum of two 1st rounders to match BUF. The bidding war would start from there. It could be mayhem for 15 minutes while we’re on the clock if a top 4 QB were still there.


I like this article. Writer should include his name. Are these trade scenarios in-line with recent draft day transactions? If we get 2-first round picks for our 10th, hopefully it’s for MLB and DT or OT. If we get an additional 2nd rounder, then trade backup into first round. Find a way to get 2-in the first and 2-in the second. Thanks for your opinion.


Only trade down if DE Chubb, RB Barkley, LB Smith, DB Fitzpatrick, and G Nelson(yes, we’ll slide Osemele outside) are all gone at 10th pick. If the acquired pick is a second rounder, package it with our own pick and move back to first round in hopes of acquiring one first year starter in defense and an athletic pass protector who can contribute right way and be a full time starter by year 2. I’m thinking OL Isaiah Wynn of Georgia who many consider as G. He’s just short like Aaron Donald, he can play outside and we need to… Read more »


Geno Smith was not a 1st rounder and I can see you went to the McKenzie school of losing the deal. If one of the top 4 are available & they can’t barter their pick for more than those deals, they’re in the wrong business.


The only trade down I would do is with the bills, move to 12 and pick up an extra 2nd rounder. There are gonna b some blue chip players that fall a bit, at 12 I think we can still grab one of those elite prospects, the rest of the trade downs I wouldn’t be interested in at all. Justwinbaby!

Jonathan Broadnax

All i know is the QB The Raiders want is available snatch him right on up then take it from there We not reality helping Raiders NATION feeding other teams in our Confence AFC-WEST We need the QB we had a great shot at the SUPERBOWL a few seasons ago our back up QB’s were SuPeR WeaK U think no its our confence our turn RAIDER NATION

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