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Now that it has been a week and the dust has settled, let’s play a game and put ourselves in Raiders general manager Mike Mayock’s shoes. We’re going to “re-do” the first and second rounds of the draft and see what Raider Nation comes up with! We live in a world where you are free to express your opinion, so let’s embrace it. Be sure to share this and the rules are below. Add your re-draft picks to the comments.

-Rule #1: No Trades

We’re not going down the rabbit hole of trade scenarios, where you come up with 18 trades that only you would accept. You have picks 4, 24, 27 and 40. Those picks worked for Mayock, so they’ll work for you.

-Rule #2: If you change a pick, the original pick is still off the board moving forward

For example, if you think the Raiders should have drafted linebacker Josh Allen with the fourth overall pick, defensive end Clelin Ferrell is still off the board and you cannot use pick 24 on Ferrell. Same logic would work for running back Josh Jacobs. If you want to keep Jacobs on the Raiders in your re-draft, you have to take him at pick 24.

-Rule #3: The player has to be on the board at the time of the pick

This is a bit of a given, but we will use EDGE Montez Sweat as an example. If you think Oakland should have picked Sweat, you have to take him with picks 4 or 24. Pick 27 would be a no go for Sweat.

-Rule #4: Be prepared to defend your response

You’re entitled to any rationale you’d like, but be prepared to defend your picks. If you don’t provide any rationale in your comment, I will respond with: why? I’m not trying to call you out or say you’re wrong; I’m just trying to keep the dialog moving forward as that’s the whole point of this.

-Rule #5: The roster is as it was on draft day

For example, running back Isaiah Crowell is completely healthy. Try and be as honest as you can be with this.

-Rule #6: Totally fine to like the draft as it is

If you think Mayock and Gruden killed it, that’s perfectly okay! Just comment why you wouldn’t make a single change, again so that we keep the discussion going.

I’ll start with my re-draft below. Be sure to add yours to the comments section.

My Re-Draft

-Pick 4: Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky

I had Ferrell ranked fifth on my big board, so I like the pick more than a lot of people do. However, I had Allen ranked third and I’ve got to stick to my board.

-Pick 24: Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi St

Before the draft I was adamant about how the Raiders should spend their first two picks on pass rushers. I’m standing by that and of course the Crowell injury will burn me, but I have to go with a pass rusher here over a running back. 

-Pick #27: Dalton Risner, Offensive Line, Kansas State

Risner’s versatility would allow him to fill the Raiders’ need at guard. I know he would still be on the board at pick 40, but I like the guy too much to pass and have no problem taking him round one. Also this pick will help whatever running back ends up taking over. 

-Pick #40: Greedy Williams, Cornerback, LSU

I like the Mullen pick, but I am really high Greedy Williams. Mullen might be a better scheme fit, but ultimately if I’m making the pick, Williams is the guy. Be sure to share this and comment your re-draft! Let’s have fun!

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