Twitter Reacts to Raiders signing Richie Incognito

The Oakland Raiders have made another splash and this time they are making waves by signing soon to be 36-year-old offensive lineman Richie Incognito.

This time last year I wrote about the possibility of Incognito joining the Raiders and now it has come to fruition. Being that the Silver and Black are one of the most talked about teams in the NFL, any personnel move will be heavily dissected and by signing a player with a controversial past like Incognito, Twitter had a field day with this one. As such, let’s take a look at some of the best tweets I saw about the newest member of the Raiders.

Twitter Reacts to Raiders signing Richie Incognito

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Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports was highly critical of the Raiders and questioned which direction the team is headed.

Of course there is logical concern with this signing, however, the way the contract is set up makes for a low-risk situation with the potential for a high reward. Unlike Cowherd, Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune found the positive.

12up doesn’t seem to be thrilled as they used some sarcasm in their tweet.

Former Raider linebacker Bill Romanowski kept with the positive vibes and shared his excitement as he thinks this bodes well for the protection of Derek Carr which will benefit the entire offense.

Acquiring Incognito only adds to a locker room that already boasts some strong personalities from fellow players all the way to those who run the team. With that in mind, Bleacher Report tweeted exactly what Raider Nation and the entire NFL community is thinking…

There’s a myriad of angles to break this down and the discussion over this signing will be unending. Raider Nation, let me know your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook or in the comments below! 

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