Pros and Cons of the Raiders on Hard Knocks

As we all know, the Oakland Raiders are going to be featured on this upcoming edition of Hard Knocks. The show does not come without controversy however, as Raider Nation seems to be split in regards to whether they wanted the team to be featured. There are pros and cons to Hard Knocks and the list below serves as a good sample, but certainly doesn’t touch all the positives and negatives.

Pro: Fan Perspectives

Hard Knocks gives fans an inside look into training camp, which fans typically have limited access to. The show allows fans to get to know players on their favorite teams and really understand who is under the helmet. So not only can Hard Knocks provide entertainment value to fans, but also can make fans feel connected to the team.

Pro: Exposure to build the brand

A lot of people will root for the team that is featured on Hard Knocks, especially if the season is a good one. Similar to current Raider fans, people who watch the show feel like they are part of the season and the show can help capture the casual fan. That is really important for a team that is about to change locations. The Raiders are continuing to build their brand and Hard Knocks can help that.

Con: Distraction

While the show is about NFL training camp, it’s not really about football, so it’s a distraction from the team’s ultimate goal. Also the Raiders have added a few personalities who don’t have great reputations and Hard Knocks can potentially portray those players in a negative light. This would have the opposite effect of the pros listed above and potentially cause a rift in the locker room.

Con: Can expose certain people

After the last season of Hard Knocks, a lot of people were exposed to Hue Jackson’s deficiencies. It was almost as if everyone watching the show got a preview of Jackson’s firing. Offensive line coach Tom Cable could be in a similar position and may not paint the organization in a good light.

Listen below as Kris Wysong from joins the Fly Sweep crew to discuss the topic above, more about Hard Knocks, the Raiders secondary and about the NBA.

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