Editorial: The Team Everyone Loves to Hate

There is an old saying, “there are 31 teams in the NFL and then there’s the Oakland soon to be Las Vegas Raiders.”

The Oakland Raiders have been bombarded with distraction after distraction this offseason already. Hard Knocks was a circus they were selected for, not one of their choosing and they took a ton of heat for some of the offseason moves.

Raiders Editorial: The Team Everyone Loves to Hate

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Meanwhile, Antonio Brown has been the subject of news since forcing his way out of Pittsburgh via trade. Many have come out of the woodworks to throw dirt on his name from former teammates, media, and probably an occasional coach behind the scenes.

What’s even more ridiculous is how a player taking the proper steps to fight what he thought to be an unfair rule change has become such a firestorm.

The Raiders fly more air miles than anyone else in the NFL. This has been consistent for at least the last five years. How is it there are four teams in California, yet the team traveling the most is always the same one?

When was the last time the Raiders had an easy schedule? The NFL schedule makers approach every season with what looks like the next attempt to one-up how bad they screwed the Raiders last season.

Hall of Fame worthy Raiders legends are forced to watch others get gold jackets and enjoy the culminations of their life’s work. While let’s face it, they find themselves nearing and arriving at the end of their own lives without receiving the honor they deserve.

There isn’t a good reason why Kenny Stabler and Cliff Branch weren’t inducted into the Canton, Ohio Hall of Fame while they were alive. The voters are finding reasons not to induct Tom Flores year after year.

Even the reporting on the team has taken a slanted biased approach from some local media, as well as the big national guys.

Let them all hate. The Raiders aren’t supposed to be the nice guys. The Raiders aren’t supposed to be the lovey-dovey guys. The Raiders are pirates blustering in from sea. They swagger boisterously and are getting back to knocking people round and round. It’s time we see them laugh after they conquer and win.

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