How do the Oakland Raiders and Antonio Brown move forward?

Antonio Brown has made headlines and headaches for the Oakland Raiders since they traded a 2020 third and fifth round draft pick this offseason.

First, it was positive vibes of him loving his teammates, working with Bay Area college and high school teams, and showing up to get extra work with Derek Carr. However, most recently it was initiating an altercation with general manger Mike Mayock.

Brown has made his name a household name equally with his play on the field and through his social media antics. Live streaming postgame locker room speeches, to bashing his quarterback and organization in Pittsburgh, and most recently disparaging remarks and posting of mandatory fine letters. It is a problem of his. He is virtually addicted to his social media accounts. Problem is Mark Davis is paying him to be the best wide receiver in football not to be a cellphone celebrity.

How do the Oakland Raiders and Antonio Brown move forward?

How did the Raiders and Brown move forward and make this go away? It all started last night. It involved a conversation including a whole heap of crow eating and apologies.

Brown met with the team this morning and gave a tearful apology. He was flanked by team captains in a show of unity.

Davis and head coach Jon Gruden are in Brown’s camp. Mayock and Brown are meeting today to clear the air.

Freshly minted as the general manager and vigilant in his quest to change the culture in Oakland, Mayock has hit a challenge with Brown. The circus which has accompanied Brown is not to his liking, and as such he has an opportunity for growth.

Mayock and Brown are from two totally different generations and they are clashing. Mayock is old school in his approach to football and the old school isn’t necessarily the biggest fans of the brashness and superstar mentality of the new school.

The Raiders will most likely set some type of team protections to be able to pursue his guaranteed money in the event there are more examples of conduct detrimental to the team. This is how Mayock can allow Brown back in the building and remain steadfast in his position.

Gruden announced a few moments ago that Brown would in fact play Monday Night and his football team will be better because of it. Coaches sponsor certain players, Gruden is going to give Brown every opportunity to play on the field because he loves his game and believes he can take this football team from one level to another. Gruden is making allowances for Brown because he can deliver the goods.

Davis has his cash cow and every single eye in America will be on his football team Monday night and he profits off of it. Jerry Jones once said all publicity is good publicity and lets be real for a moment. Everyone is talking about the Raiders and will continue to talk about the Raiders.

Brown has weathered every storm that has come his way with the aid of his agent Drew Rosenhaus and he will finally get to do his thing on the field. This season is going to be a roller coaster, Brown is going to be under a microscope as well as being front and center on game day.

In a tumultuous 24 hour stretch the Raiders have once again steered around disaster turned a negative into a positive and are focused on playing football. The season opener can not get here fast enough. With all this hype and constant buzz surrounding the team we have to be in for one heck of a show once the Raiders take the field in Oakland.

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