Social Media Reaction to Dissapointing Raiders Finale

The Oakland Raiders closed out their season with a disapointing loss in Denver. In what was one of the most polarizing and rollercoaster years in recent memory, the Silver and Black finished with an 7-9 record.

As always though, Raider Nation had much to say on the loss, the year, and the future. Let’s dive in and look at some different perspectives from social media with the season now in the books.

Reactions from Raider Ramble Readers

The Raider Ramble ran a quick poll to get some instant reactions from fans and as always, we had a mix bag of emotions.

The usual suspect reared its head as many still clamor for a change at quarterback. And who can blame them given the team’s struggles? Football is a team sport, yes, but the signal-caller will almost always get the blame as well as the praise, not a new development there.

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The other point of view is that the team needs to find a true number one receiver and that the Raiders need to address the defense. Particularly, the linebacker position, where defensive coordinator Paul Guenther desperately needs reinforcements.

Perspective On What Might’ve Been

Oakland finished at 7-9, which is better than last season, of course we’re talking overall big picture here. However, as Black Hole Banter pointed out after the game via their Twitter, the team was 6-4 at one point.

We can see why so many fans are frustrated with the team when you ponder what might’ve been. Also, many did not expect the team to be 6-4 at one point but now many use that as an excuse for fading down the stretch. Quite simply put, fans are just tired of being let down year in year out.

Moe Moton of Bleacher Report said it best via his Twitter after the game. The “future” is very bright with general manager Mike Mayock drafting talent the way he did this year. By the same token, you definitely get the feeling that some (especially those on Twitter) are emphatically tired of the losing. They want results now.

Moving forward it will be interesting to see how the Raiders deal in free agency and address their needs come draft time. For now, fans on social media will eagerly await to see what is done to address the “future.”

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Reaction to Dissapointing Raiders Finale”

  1. Must prioritize the LB position. Must ensure talent at Cornerback. Must ensure depth at Tackle. Then we can worry about Wide Receiver. Michael Lombardi mentioned that there is a disconnect between Gruden, Carr, and their individual philosophies, and I believe it. I’m not active in the Carr or not Carr argument, because I believe there is too much to be fixed, and there were so many key injuries, Abram, Joseph, Brown, Jacobs, and others. And, I know other teams have gotten dry stroked by the Officials this year, but, holy crap! And to have Gene Steratore being asked about their calls??? Lastly. Next year we cant play sloppy like the last several years. Receivers cannot drop catchable balls routinely.

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