Tom Brady

Raiders Could Seriously Be Targeting QB Tom Brady

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, if Tom Brady and the New England Patriots cannot reach a deal, the Las Vegas Raiders would be in play.

The Rumor Is Gaining Steam

We can all get caught up in the excitement of the news, but the reality is there should be at least 20+ teams in play for Brady. Could this just be an attempt to grab some Super Bowl headlines? Maybe. Or it could be part of an interesting timeline of events leading to something bigger.

Whether it be Dana White saying Brady would definitely come to Las Vegas and play for the Raiders, the quarterback and the Silver and Black have been mentioned in the same breath since the 2019 season’s end.

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Tom Brady Will Command A Hefty Salary

The Patriots have stated they would be willing to pay Brady $30 million per year to retain him and if they really mean it, they need to have a deal in place before free agency starts (March 18) or his current contract with New England will be voided and will have a dead cap hit of $13.5 million. Taking a look at the Patriots expected 2020 salary cap, they are only slated to have between $42-44 million in cap space, and committing the vast majority of that to Brady just isn’t wise.

The Raiders, finally have pockets deep enough to compete with the big boys of the NFL and matching the offer at $30 million, in tax-exempt Nevada, will turn that salary into straight cash while also providing them with a financial and logistical edge as a premier destination in the league because who doesn’t want to get all their money without Uncle Sam reaching his hand out?

What does this mean for Carr? Every year, he is the most likely player to be replaced. If the Patriots do in fact re-sign Brady, it will end up being just the usual chatter. After all, he’s already spoken with owner Mark Davis, and knows the conversation that went on between them. Or does he…

The article Schefter put out goes hand in hand with another report that the Raiders are exploring all options at quarterback.

This story is on-going and sure to be a hot topic from now until March 18 at 4pm EST.

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