Raiders Vault: A Look Back At The Trade That Never Was

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was recently in the news as he spoke up regarding the current protests. What if I were to tell you he could’ve been the Raiders signal-caller?

It’s hard to focus on football when the country is going through a seismic change. That being said, Rodgers was in the news recently for weighing in on the national protests that have engulfed the country. NFL Insider Adam Schefter shared Rodgers’ Instagram post via his Twitter a few days ago. Many Raiders fans have reacted overwhelmingly positive to Rodgers since then. Crazy to think that Rodgers came close to being the quarterback for the Silver and Black, oh what might’ve been.

Rodgers In Silver and Black? Raiders?

Bill Barnwell of ESPN had originally Tweeted about the rumor back in 2014, referring to it as one of the “great trade rumors of the 21st century.” SB Nation also covered the trade in a video series generating interest in what might’ve been. As rumor had it according to Barnwell the Raiders would’ve received Rodgers and a seventh-round pick in 2008. The Packers would’ve received Randy Moss from the Raiders along with tight end Courtney Anderson and a 2009 conditional pick.

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Winds of Change?

It’s insane when you stop to think what the NFL would like today if the trade had actually gone ahead. For the Raiders, they would’ve gotten a perennial Pro Bowl signal-caller, and at the same time, rid themselves of Moss the malcontent. The Packers would’ve gotten a number one wide receiver in Moss to pair with Brett Favre. That offense would’ve featured Moss alongside Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, certainly a Super Bowl contender in Favre’s final seasons.

This trade would ensure the New England Patriots never land Moss, which in theory, means there’s no near-perfect season for them. It’s bad enough Raider Nation knows that John Elway could’ve been their quarterback, now you can add Rodgers to that list, sorry folks.

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