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Tim Brown on Super Bowl XXXVII: We Didn’t Have a Chance

With a renewed spotlight on the events surrounding Super Bowl XXXVII being re-examined, Las Vegas Raiders legend Tim Brown spoke up recently. In addition, Raider Nation also weighed in on social media.

The events of Super Bowl XXXVII are, for better or worse, ingrained in the minds of Raiders fans. It was a crushing and humiliating loss, coming at the hands of the Raiders’ former coach no less, and one that Brown hasn’t forgotten. For the NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver, it was his lone shot at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Alas, it was not to be. All these years later, there’s been much speculation about what really happened behind the scenes with the Raiders, Brown recently spoke on the matter.

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Josh Shrock of NBC Sports shared Brown’s words recently, they didn’t exactly paint former Raiders coach Bill Callahan in a positive light.

“We go into the Super Bowl knowing that we don’t have a chance to win.” -Brown on last-minute changes done to the Raiders offense prior to Super Bowl XXXVII

No Chance In Hell Says Tim Brown

Brown states the Raiders were given a booklet the Monday prior outlining how they would win. In particular, they were going to run the ball down the throats of the Buccaneers. Brown’s teammate, defensive tackle Sam Adams liked their chances. “I was like, ‘s–t, I’m about to get my second ring. We about to drag these jokers. They ain’t doing nothing against us. Nothing. We about to whoop these jokers.” Then, out of nowhere, Callahan changed the game plan to a pass-heavy attack.

The change would’ve been shocking to anyone with any real knowledge of football. Why the change? To this day, no one knows what went through Callahan’s mind. Another one of Brown’s teammates, NFL Hall of Famer Rod Woodson, also weighed in, “I know for me, I just couldn’t believe it. I dropped my book in the meeting when he said it. I know in my 17 years of playing, even in the preseason you don’t do that.”

Raider Nation Weighs In

At the Raider Ramble, we decided to take the case to Raider Nation. We posed the question via the Ramble’s Twitter account. All these years later, is Callahan responsible for the loss as Brown’s alluded to?

Raider Nation appears to overwhelmingly agree with Brown on this one, though there were other factors at play. One of the most overlooked ones, unfairly even, is that the Raiders were facing one of the greatest NFL defenses ever assembled. Coached by defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, and featuring NFL legends Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, Simeon Rice, and Ronde Barber.

Raider Nation Has A Say in This Matter

However, it’s a sensitive topic for Raiders fans and as always they didn’t disappoint.

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