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NFL Media’s Rich Eisen Believes Raiders Will Pose Problems For NFL Teams

Following their Monday Night Football victory over the New Orleans Saints, many are talking about the Las Vegas Raiders.

After a tough first quarter, they settled down and turned the game around even with two back up offensive linemen. Many players are getting praise for their performances, including quarterback Derek Carr. This led NFL Media’s Rich Eisen to talk about why the Raiders will be a problem for other teams this season.

​“If Derek Carr makes decisions that are smart. If he is accurate in making those decisions. If he’s decisive and accurate. This is gonna be a tough team to beat.” 

Raider Nation knows Eisen is right. Carr was on a hot streak in 2016 before sustaining a season-ending injury. Eisen has always been really honest about Carr and has said how he feels and saying this right now shows he’s believing in the seventh-year quarterback. The NFL Network host also pointed out that New England head coach Bill Belichick said via Zoom that Raiders tight end Darren Waller ‘is a problem’.

Eisen kept paraphrasing Belichick and said it’s been a long time since the Patriots coach has seen a guy like Waller. Belichick coached Rob Gronkowski one of the best tight ends ever, so he knows what he is talking about. Eisen alludes to Saints coach Sean Payton saying they tried everything to stop Waller, but nothing worked out. If you watched the Monday night game you can confirm the Saints threw everything they got at Waller. 

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Darren Waller wasn’t the only Raiders player to get praise

Eisen didn’t stop with the tight end. He kept going and threw praise to other Raiders players. The next one in line was running back Josh Jacobs.

​“Josh Jacobs if he can stay healthy, you know he looks like Zeke to me. He arrives with intent and he gets stronger as the game goes on. He got banged up last night and he came back in and he started running the clock out for the Raiders, hitting people.”

Jacobs played really well in his first year in the NFL. Moreover, he was a runner up for the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. This season, he could be in the race for Offensive Player of the Year. 

Jon Gruden also got recognition

The Raiders have avoided mistakes for the most part and have impressed. Gruden shows belief in the players by taking risks and going for it on fourth downs with no fear. Eisen also brought up Daniel Carlson’s 54-yarder to seal the deal. This year, the Auburn standout seems to have his confidence back after struggling in 2019. It showed how much the Raiders trust Carlson, who didn’t disappoint as the kick went right through.

​“They have a problem at coach. Oh, man is he back. He goes for 54 yarders he kicks deep baby. He ices the game” Jon Gruden had come under some scrutiny for how things ended last season and how the team has performed since his return. Nevertheless, following the Raiders 34-24 victory, there was a video of the team celebrating in the locker room. He has the team all in and ready to play hard all game. As of right now, Gruden is indeed back, as he took shots on Monday that he had not taken in the previous two seasons.

​“I am very impressed with the Raiders. They have something cooking. Avoid the injury bug and avoid mistakes. They’re going to be a difficult team and they’re coming at you physical too.”

“They were fun to watch.” That they were and should they continue to be that way the excitement will grow bigger. As an old saying goes, “When the Raiders are good The NFL is better.”

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Top Photo: Rick Scuteri/Associated Press

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