Motley Review: Raiders QB Derek Carr Edition

For all the millions of you that have been keeping up with the weekly Motley Reviews, you know it’s been pretty structured, but the bye week messes that up. So, just hang on for the ride and I’ll figure something out for this week. After all, there’s plenty to talk about when it comes to the Las Vegas Raiders.

How does Raiders QB Derek Carr fare when compared to his peers?

Alright, I’m going to compare every NFL quarterback to Derek Carr. There will be four categories: makes me hate Carr, same as Carr, makes me love Carr, and worse quarterback than me.

Makes Me Hate Carr

Patrick Mahomes- Patty is still the best in the league until further notice, no matter how annoying his family is.

Russell Wilson- Russ is the early-season MVP, even though he might be the cheesiest pro athlete on social media.

Aaron Rodgers- He sucked in Week 6 but he’s still the bad man.

Lamar Jackson- Can he win in the playoffs? TBD. But we know he’s gonna make it there.

Josh Allen- The late Al Davis would have loved him. He is incredibly fun to watch and has played himself into the upper echelon of quarterbacks so far. (wrote before MNF vs Chiefs, I reserve the right to retract this)

Same as Carr

Deshaun Watson- Watson is still special but 1-5 is 1-5.

Ryan Tannehill- Tannehill survived Adam Gase so maybe he should be in the Hall of Fame. But watching Tannehill feels a lot like watching Carr to me, playing really well right now but doesn’t give top 5 QB vibes.

Dak Prescott- Wishing a speedy recovery, injuries suck.

Ben Roethlisberger- I do not like this man as a person, but the Steelers record says a lot.

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You or the Raiders wouldn’t trade any of these quarterbacks for Carr

Makes Me Love Carr

Cam Newton- The hype outweighs the production this year. He can’t throw it consistently anymore.

Carson Wentz- The Eagles keep trying to sell Wentz as a franchise player and people are not buying it anymore. Wentz is a few weeks away from being on the hot seat, Jalen Hurts anyone?

Drew Brees- Brees doesn’t have the zip anymore, he needs to call it after this season.

Tom Brady- ‘The golden boy’ can’t throw it outside the numbers. Some in Raider Nation need to apologize for wanting him to be the first signal-caller in Vegas. Carr will outplay him in Week 7.

Kyler Murray- The sophomore is electric but inconsistent. He has some dreadful turnovers this year. Only Year 2 for him, he’ll get there.

Jared Goff- The Los Angeles Rams quarterback is just Alex Smith with clout. System quarterback, take away McVay, and see what happens.

Joe Burrow- He’s a rookie.

Matt Stafford/Ryan- Both still have some good football left being wasted in bad situations.

Phillip Rivers- Rivers is so overrated it hurts me. Rivers makes five throws a game that screams backyard football desperation. Carr beat him twice last year.

Justin Herbert- He’s a rookie but looking quite dangerous.

Nick Foles- How do you explain his career?

Teddy Bridgewater- Ultra forgettable.

Jimmy G- He was never good, and 49ers fans are starting to realize.

Fitzmagic- Just good enough to hold off Tua. Dolphins are 3-3, by the way. Brian Flores is the best coach in the league that nobody talks about.

Gardner Minshew- Minshew and Fitz are one soul sharing two bodies. Career bridge guys with no home.

Drew Lock- Drew Lock, or as I call him, Blaine Gabbert 2.0.

Worse quarterback than Me

That’s right, I’m claiming I’m better than these NFL quarterbacks. Have I ever played quarterback in an organized game before? No. But I’ve seen these guys play so I’ll be sending video to NFL teams soon.

Baker Mayfield- He should just transition to being a TV commercial actor. The Browns are 4-2 because they’ve played a cake schedule.

Sam Darnold- This isn’t Darnold’s fault. This is Adam Gase. Every night, I toss and turn trying to figure out how Gase has a job.

Daniel Jones- This isn’t Jones’s fault. This is Dave Gettleman. Every night, I toss and turn trying to figure out how Gettleman has a job.

Kirk Cousins- As an Adam Thielen fantasy owner, Kirk Cousins is stealing money from the Vikings organization. I’ve called the police on Cousins multiple times trying to get him arrested. Alas, I’m forced to watch him attempt to play QB every Sunday.

Kyle Allen- You want to know what’s heartbreaking? There are people in this world that have to watch Kyle Allen play football and know that he is better than their first-round pick from a year ago.


Carr’s off to a great start this year. If he plays like this the rest of the year the Raiders will be a playoff team. He is never going to be a consistent top 5 quarterback. However, the Raiders can contend if he hangs around the 6-10 range that he has played himself into this year and gives the Raiders a good chance to beat the ‘Bucs’ on Sunday.

Back to the regular programming next week.

Go Raiders.

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