Can These 3 Raiders Step Up In This AFC West Matchup?

This week is all about offense as the Las Vegas Raiders try to sweep the Kansas City Chiefs. Many people think this game is about defense and ball control, but that approach simply does not work against the boogeyman that is quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Raiders defenders could play so far above their heads that their noses bleed… but it just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter! If Mahomes has a chance, he will win the game. The only way to beat him is to score as much as possible. Now, onto the list.

So which three Raiders need to step up in this clash?

Can Henry Ruggs III Bounce Back?

Ruggs had by far the best game of his young career in Week 5 at Arrowhead, with two catches for 118 yards and a touchdown. Since that game, he has struggled a bit. Drops and toe taps have specifically hurt him and cost the team points. He will need to have another big game on Sunday night for the Raiders to be successful. It is hard to see a path to victory for the Silver and Black that does not involve Ruggs making a couple of explosive plays.

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Can Nelson Agholor Make a Big Catch?

Nelson Agholor is another receiver that played a critical role in the Raiders Week 5 win. He had one of his better games that week, with two catches for 67 yards and a touchdown. He has emerged as a major piece of the Silver and Black’s passing attack throughout the season. However, he has had several huge drops as well and that cannot happen this week. The Raiders have to execute on their shot plays to beat Kansas City.

The Raiders’ Hopes Will Lie on Derek Carr

At the end of the day, the Raiders’ hopes rest upon the shoulders of ‘4’. In the last couple of weeks, Carr’s play can be described as ‘efficient’ and ‘effective’. He will need to do a lot more than that this week. Carr will have to revert back to his 2016 form to carry this team to victory. In Week 5, he actually outplayed Mahomes. Can he do it again?

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*Top Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

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