Which Defensive Players Will Raiders Miss The Most In 2021?

RaidersThe Las Vegas Raiders have made many changes on defense and there are two players, in particular, that the team will miss in 2021.

The Raiders had one of the worst defenses in the NFL in 2020, that’s undeniable. It was also clear after the first few weeks of the season, that major changes were needed. The most glaring change needed was the removal of defensive coordinator Paul Guenther, who, if you asked most of Raider Nation, had overstayed his welcome after a disastrous 2019 season.

In the three years under Guenther, the Raiders finished 32nd, 24th, and 30th in points allowed and in the past two years were 31st and 30th in takeaways. Guenther got a grace year in 2018 as the Raiders completely tore down their defensive roster. Nevertheless, even with more talent in 2020, the unit still struggled mightily and was the primary reason for the late-season collapses.

There was some improvement once Rod Marinelli took over for Guenther. Unfortunately, by then, it was too late to save the Raiders’ season and the lack of depth had already cost them a chance at the postseason. Several players looked out of their depth under both Marinelli and Guenther but others stood out in flashes over the years. With all of these struggles on defense, it sounds strange to say that any of the departed players from that unit will be missed. However, two players, in particular, have stood out, either in 2020 or in years past.

Let’s start off with a young player that the Raiders took a flyer on in the 2018 NFL draft.

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