Raiders Fans React To Broncos Naming Teddy Bridgewater As Starting QB

This week, Las Vegas Raiders fans found out that Teddy Bridgewater will be the starting signal-caller for the Denver Broncos. So how does Raider Nation feel about their much-maligned divisional rival going with a former Pro Bowler?

Perhaps, Drew Lock wore out his welcome with his terrible dance moves or maybe Denver simply went with the safe choice. Bridgewater is by no means a pushover. He was a Pro Bowler in 2015 and has thrown for 53 touchdowns in his career. Prior to his stint with the Carolina Panthers, Bridgewater’s record as a starting quarterback was 22-12. As a side note, he missed the 2017 season after nearly losing his leg. Back in April, the Broncos passed up on drafting Justin Fields. This obviously meant the organization was content with what they had at quarterback. Unless there’s a plan being conjured up to bring in Aaron Rodgers next offseason by John Elway in the depths of Mile High.

Regardless of the logic behind passing on Fields or going with Bridgewater, Raider Nation had plenty to say. We asked some of our readers on Twitter to weigh in on the decision, as always, they did not disappoint.

As always, many fans remain optimistic, and can you blame them? The Raiders made several additions to the roster, especially on defense. The same defense that will be in charge of stopping Bridgewater twice this season. On the other hand, some fans have respect for Bridgewater’s abilities and they know it won’t be a cakewalk.

Regardless of how you feel, divisional games within the AFC West are often some of the most hard-fought games. The Broncos roll into 2021 with an impressive defense, a unit that also added Patrick Surtain II who was arguably the best cornerback in this year’s draft. Also, don’t forget, this Raiders defense has a lot to prove under Gus Bradley and there’ll be no such thing as an easy game against this team.

What are your thoughts on Bridgewater, Raider Nation?

*Top Photo: Steph Chambers/Getty Images

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