Raider Nation is fed up with the Raiders organization

The Las Vegas Raiders started the season strong, going 3-0 and peaking at 5-2 before dropping three games in a row to fall to 5-5 heading into Week 12. The members of Raider Nation are less than pleased.

Before diving in, here are just a few examples of Raider Nation’s collective frustration and disappointment with their team this season.

Raider Nation speaks up on Twitter…

Hope and optimism are dwindling…

Raiders fans were extremely optimistic after the team opened the season by going 3-0. That was against formidable opponents such as the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the less formidable Miami Dolphins. Unfortunately, the Raiders dropped a game to the Los Angeles Chargers. That was followed by a loss to the Chicago Bears that was attributed to the dilemma of Jon Gruden’s resigning. The Raiders then put together wins against the Broncos and Eagles, but since the arrest and release of receiver Henry Ruggs III, the team has not won a game. Las Vegas added Rams receiver DeSean Jackson, whose biggest contribution thus far was a costly fumble against the Chiefs. The Raiders scored 90 points in their first three games; in the last three, they have scored 43.

Same old story…

The fan base has seen this story before. The Raiders were 6-3 at one point during the 2020 season. Fans of the team were sure that the playoff curse was due to be broken as their last appearance was in 2016. The Silver and Black faithful were duped. The team went 2-5 in their final seven games, finishing the season at 8-8 and missing the playoffs.

The fanbase again feels deceived as the Raiders are plummeting after starting the season off well. In their most recent defeat to the Bengals, Derek Carr stated in his post-game presser, “I’ve just got to be better for us. It starts with me and ends with me. We’re out of sync and not good enough on third down and in the red zone, and it’s my fault.

Fans are tired of the excuses…

While we all credit Carr for taking responsibility for one touchdown in that game, the excuse for being at fault means nothing if you do nothing to fix it. After losing to the Chargers in Week 5, Carr stated, “It’s all my fault,” but then scored zero touchdowns against the Chicago Bears the next week. After losing to the Chargers and throwing two interceptions (see a theme here) in 2017, Carr stated, “That’s why it is my fault. At the end of the day, we’re out there on the field. ” The Raiders finished that season at 6-10.

The point of this is that the fans no longer want to hear Carr and the rest of the team just take responsibility for the losses; they want to know how the team will improve. On top of that, they want to actually see the team improve on the field. If the team is simply lost because they don’t know what to do without their deep threat, Ruggs, the fans want to hear that. If there is a growing locker room divide, that’s also useful information. But either way, the fans want to hear that it’s going to be fixed and they want to believe it.

Fans of this organization have had to put up with a lot of heartache in the last two decades. They range from Rich Gannon’s Super Bowl disaster of the 2002 season, the JaMarcus Russell failure, Carr’s broken leg in 2016, and now, to the disastrous ending of the second Jon Gruden era. The franchise is supposed to be built on a Commitment To Excellence but at this point, they have only shown their fans that they are committed to being mediocre. The fan base, as devoted as they are, is fed up and wants one thing: wins.

Looking ahead

The Raiders need to step up for their Thursday matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, who just suffered a crushing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, and lay it out on the field. Another loss will certainly end any playoff hopes and Carr can save the “taking the blame” speech unless he’s willing and able to contribute to the solution.

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12 thoughts on “Raider Nation is fed up with the Raiders organization”

  1. I’m sick at all these raider fans complaining I have been watching the Raiders for 58 years good and bad and a true fan never turns their back on their team and these newbies that’s what they’re doing the Raiders will be back just stop your whining and just make good comments for your team don’t put them down encourage them be a good fa

  2. I’ve been a life long Raider fan stuck with them when they left to LA back to Oakland and I’m embarrassed for the first time to call myself a Raider fan its so hard to come to terms with that ,but I’m so sick and tired of them losing every year it’ starts from the top and works its way down our Raider Nation has stuck with them but I’m tired of them drafting some awful draft ,at one point

  3. Fuluula Tibbitts

    The Raiders need to put in Mariota, he knows how to make plays. They need a new approach because obviously Carr’s not it. Tired of watching the games with much enthusiasm only to be disappointed at the end. LETS GO BRANDON OOPS RAIDERS!!!

  4. Bring Chucky back!!! Carr can get it done. DeSean will be great for us forget about the fumble how about the catch that put us into scoring position within less than 11 points to the chiefs, let’s strive for the AFC West spot since the the wildcard has proven difficulty since 2017, Raider Nation for life. Stand up Raider Nation We need to end the losing streak. “JUST WIN BABY”

  5. Wasn’t Derek leading all QBs in ranking and pass ypg also we lead the league in ypg all was well until our panzy society thought it was better to throw away the baby with the bath water AKA CHUCKY,COACH,MR.GRUDEN no leadership no direction.Yall make me sick I hope they put Mariota in and DC goes to Denver y’all like that

  6. It doesn’t matter which quarterback you put on this team! These are the lies we just keep telling ourselves. Every year at least 53 men become multimillionaires playing a game for this once proud organization. I have been a Raiders fan since 1973. Through the 70s, 80s and even 90s the Raiders were feared, tough, proud and would fight, literally fight, every week to win! I can recall games when we lost on the scoreboard but beat the living God out of the other team. There was still a sense of pride even on a losing Sunday because you knew your team was the most feared and intimidating in the NFL.
    For 20 years this team has had zero pride! They are not tough, they are not resilient, and they certainly are not feared. And they don’t win! Only the Browns and the Lions have worse records than the Raiders in the last 20 years! THAT’S PATHETIC! It’s Embarrassing!
    Even if they had the best quarterback, the best running back, the best wide receiver, the best defense in the league… The NFL is still never going to allow this organization to win a Super Bowl. You can see it every weekend… watch how the officials call the game. They are the most penalized team in the NFL over the past 20 years. How is that even possible?
    11.21.21 is the day I finally gave up!
    I gave away all of my Raiders gear… including my signed Stabler and signed Biletnikoff jerseys!
    I will not let this band of loser millionaires ruin another Sunday of my life! They are losers… They will always be losers… They will never return to the feared, intimidating, silver and black of the 70s and 80s! Get rid of Carr… it won’t change a thing! They are just losers like the Lions and Browns! Sad… but it’s time we all admit it!

  7. Been a raider fan since the 60s they wants for a feared team and could actually play football always been proud of the silver and black but I’m about ready to start being a Chiefs fan at least the Chiefs can win football games they can get their problems with Patrick Mahomes fixed and win again what can the Raiders do

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