Smartest Bet? Raiders Moneyline (+135)

This game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Cleveland Browns, if it even happens, is a farce. Any bets here should be made with caution. All lines are as of Saturday afternoon via DraftKings.

Smartest Bet: Raiders Moneyline (+135)

Last week’s outing against the Kansas City Chiefs felt like the Raiders had completely given up. However, they have a gift here. Even with the postponement, Cleveland’s roster is likely to be decimated on Monday night. Also, if the Raiders play like they have the last two seasons, this could be their “last hurrah” game. This is the one that they win to give fans a sliver of hope that all is not lost. Raiders Twitter will start throwing out all the playoff scenarios. All this is just for them to get blown out again in a week or two to put the final nail in the coffin. I think that the incompetence of the Raiders is why they are a decent underdog despite the prospect of playing a glorified practice squad team. Take advantage and hope that Vegas can at least take this gimme.

Safest Bet: Josh Jacobs and Nick Chubb Over 149.5 Combined Rushing Yards(+110)

I think Chubb gets close to this himself with how bad the Raiders’ run defense has been. A depleted Browns defense should bode well for Jacobs too. The COVID situation surrounding this game has limited the props. This one looks to be the closest to a lock.

Best Risky Bet: First Drive Field Goal Made (+450)

The Raiders’ suspect defense definitely helps the Browns’ chances if they get the ball here first. They will need the help given their situation. If they do score on the opening drive, I doubt they will find the end zone. As far as the Raiders go, this is much easier. Las Vegas can’t finish drives, and they have Daniel Carlson. Again, without many props, this is the best we can do.

*Top Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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