The Raiders Should Find A Way Back Into The Draft

Come April 28, Sin City will be the center of attention in the football world. However, as of right now, the Las Vegas Raiders won’t be a part of the festivities that mark the NFL draft’s opening day.

The Raiders’ first and second-round picks were shipped off in exchange for superstar wide receiver Davante Adams. It was a calculated move by general manager Dave Ziegler, surely in response to the moves that were taking place within the AFC West. While giving up trade capital comes with an inherent risk, acquiring proven high-level talent is never cheap. Be that as it may, it’s possible that the Silver and Black aren’t quite done yet.

Could the Raiders pull off another trade?

Does Dave Ziegler have another trick up his sleeve?

As things currently stand, the Raiders’ first pick will be at pick 86 in the third round. It would make sense that a first-time general manager would want to make a couple of high-value draft picks on his first go-around. This means another trade could be on the horizon. Johnathan Abram is a name that keeps coming up in possible moves the Raiders could make. He’s been a polarizing figure among Raider Nation but moving on from No. 24 would be a good business move.

Patrick Graham’s defense requires the use of coverage safeties. Obviously, Raider Nation knows damn well that coverage is not Abram’s strength. Fortunately, there are still options available for the Raiders to take that spot. Names such as Tyrann Mathieu have been brought up in recent weeks. Look for the Raiders to make a move or two before the draft to nuzzle their way back into the top two rounds. At least that’s what fans are hoping takes place.

The Raiders still have holes

Raiders fans are tired of talking about the right tackle position. The turnstile on the right side of the line is still a massive hole for the Silver and Black. Getting the ball to Adams is a tough deal if Derek Carr has no time to throw. Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels both know this. Making a move for this position is probably at the top of their list. But the best options from free agency have already signed elsewhere, so they’ll have to settle for someone less. With that, they’ll need somebody to be prepared to take that spot down the line. And there are plenty of potential second-round options this year for the Raiders. And as mentioned before, safety will again need to be addressed.

It seems to be the same problems the Raiders have had for years. But there’s a different autumn wind blowing this year. It seems, from a distance, that Ziegler and McDaniels have a plan. By the same token, following the debacles that have been the previous two drafts, Raider Nation was fine with seeing those two picks leave the building. However, as of now, there’s no reason to distrust Ziegler’s plan. Part of that plan, though, should be getting back into the draft.

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