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Josh McDaniels Shares Insight Into Los Angeles Chargers Secondary

Chargers DC Renaldo Hill has this secondary ready for Josh McDaniels

The current Chargers’ defensive coordinator has some history with McDaniels. Hill was a member of that ill-fated Denver Broncos team that McDaniels coached in his first run as head coach. As most Raiders fans recall, McDaniels had his team off to a hot start, only for that Denver team to collapse. The end result was that McDaniels returned to the New England Patriots after one year with the St. Louis Rams following his exit from Denver. To Hill’s credit, McDaniels praised his former player for his current abilities as a coach when speaking to the media.

“Yeah. Well, I think their whole secondary is really well coached. (Chargers Head Coach) Brandon [Staley] has always done a great job with that. (Chargers Defensive Coordinator) Renaldo [Hill], I’ve been with Renaldo before in my career, coached him in Denver. They know exactly what they want the quarterback to see and it’s not always what you want to see as a quarterback. So, they do a good job of disguising. They do a good job of holding rotation, false rotation, trying to give the quarterback different looks before the ball is snapped. And really challenging your communication, your reads, your discipline your detail, and then they’re really pretty good in coverage.”

Hill comes from the Vic Fangio coaching tree, a notable one in terms of defensive minds. Last year, Hill had the Chargers boasting a solid passing defense, seventh in completions allowed, and with the addition of Jackson, this secondary has some scary potential. As McDaniels alluded to, his Raiders team will be in for a challenge on Sunday against this defense.

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