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Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams Have Historical Day For Raiders

The top two offensive contributors for the Las Vegas Raiders are, without a doubt, wide receiver Davante Adams and running back Josh Jacobs. A career high was reached by both Adams and Jacobs against the Houston Texans on Sunday. The fact that the Raiders won as a result of their breaking these records is a plus. Let’s examine their legendary afternoons and how they compared to other Raiders’ legends.

Josh Jacobs has been on a historical tear

Raiders PR stated that Jacobs needed 112 yards to surpass Marcus Allen’s record of the most rushing yards in the first 50 career games as a Raider. Additionally, Jacobs had the chance to rush for his third straight 100-yard performance, which has only happened five times before in franchise history. The Raiders’ offense struggled in the first half, but it improved after they handed the ball to Jacobs. Then, in the third quarter, Jacobs broke Allen’s record by getting 100 yards for the third straight game. This has only happened six times in the history of the franchise.

Jacobs, however, wasn’t done. Since joining the league in 2019, Jacobs has amassed the seventh-most runs of 10 yards or more, the fourth-most rushing touchdowns, the second-most games with multiple rushing touchdowns, and the fifth-most games of 100 yards or more. What a feat for the running back whose fifth-year option wasn’t exercised! Every time you surpass an Allen-held record, it confirms that you’re on the right track. You’ll be surprised by Jacobs’ trajectory if you compare Allen and Jacobs so far in light of this. Given that Allen’s career is over, he clearly leads in all statistical categories, but Jacobs outperforms Allen in a number of per game averages.

What did Jacobs have to say after the Raiders game?

Jacobs was asked postgame about his historic night and, per usual, he was humble. “Man, it’s a blessing. All glory to God. It is a humbling experience. I couldn’t have done it without my offensive line. I have been working my butt off, man, to get here. Hopefully it keeps trending up.”

Jacobs averages 4.3 yards per carry, while Allen averaged 4.1, according to Stat Head Football. Despite only receiving about four more carries per game, Jacobs nearly averages 20 more rush yards per game than Allen.

Obviously, this is just a small sample size, but if Jacobs can stay healthy and play for the Raiders for a long time, he has a chance to establish himself as a franchise legend. But for the time being, the Raiders and their supporters will continue to savor the spectacle he gives us week in and week out.

Jacobs has shown us he is capable of being a franchise player, and now he is putting it all together. If it was up to me, I’d give him a new contract in a heartbeat. Hopefully, Josh McDaniels realizes where he’d be without Jacobs.

Davante Adams continues to show why he’s the best

Adams was waiting in line for a historic night, just like Jacobs. According to Raiders PR, Adams only required two catches to reach the 700-reception milestone for his career. If he were to surpass this mark, Adams would become the eighth player in NFL history to do so in 122 games or less.

In just one quarter, Adams surpassed this illustrious threshold. Let’s not act surprised, though, that the Raiders’ star wide receiver has achieved yet another feat. Adams now has 81 games in a row with multiple receptions, just two behind wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals.

Adams had eight receptions for 95 yards to lead the Raiders on Sunday. Also, he’s been the top receiver for four out of the last six games. The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers, whose receivers have so far struggled, would probably love to have a receiver with this level of output.

Is Adams the best Raiders wide receiver since Tim Brown?

As I previously mentioned, Adams is the Raiders’ best receiver since the legendary Tim Brown. Let’s compare how the two fare. Due to the length of their careers, Brown will always have an advantage over Adams in the major categories, but Adams is on pace to retire as one of the all-time greats.

According to Stat Head Football, Adams outperforms Brown in terms of receiving yards per game, receptions per game, and touchdowns per game. It is impressive, if I do say so myself, that Adams is only 22 touchdowns short of matching Brown, despite Brown playing twice as many games as Adams.

All of these statistics are eye-opening, but the playoff performance is where you’ll be most surprised. In comparison to Brown, Adams dominates the playoff averages and statistics. Despite Adams participating in one fewer game than Brown, Adams’ yards, touchdowns, and receptions outperform Brown’s.

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