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2022 Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Football Tracker

It’s time for another update to your Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Football Tracker. Although it might not be much of an update this time around, we will talk about the fantasy performances (or lack thereof) from the Week 8 game against the New Orleans Saints and make projections for this week’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. All Raiders fantasy football stats from previous games will come from ESPN, and all points will be based on standard PPR formats.

2022 Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Football Tracker

Derek Carr

Week 8 vs Saints:  101 pass yards, 0 passing touchdowns, 1 interception, -1 rushing yards, 1.94 fantasy points

Season point total: 97.54 (13.9 ppg)


Well, that was terrible. That has to be one of the worst fantasy performances of Derek Carr’s entire career. He just couldn’t do anything. This shouldn’t be a trend, though. Carr is usually good for one colossal stinker of a game each year. At least that’s out of the way now.


Week 9 vs Jaguars (projected): 247 pass yds, 2 passing touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 4 rushing yds, 18.28 pts

Carr has to get it right at some point. Playing against a reeling Jaguars team should help. This is a team that is clearly punting this season. They just traded for a guy who can’t play this year. Jacksonville is giving up three touchdowns to just about everyone. If you don’t like your starter’s matchup, Carr is a decent pick. Just keep an eye on the injury report. He has a back thing, but he was a full participant in practice, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Josh Jacobs

Week 8 vs Saints: 10 carries, 43 rushing yds, 0 rushing touchdowns, 2 catches, 4 targets, 11 receiving yds, 7.4 pts

Season total: 140.8 (20.1 ppg)


Jacobs didn’t stand a chance this week. The Raiders got down by a lot early in the game. Once that happened, the ball was taken out of his hands for the most part. That’s the good thing to take away from this if you’re a Jacobs fantasy owner. He played fine; the situation just screwed him. That won’t happen very often.


Week 9 vs Jaguars (projected): 22 carries, 94 rushing yds, 1 rushing touchdown, 3 catches, 3 targets, 17 receiving yds, 1 receiving touchdown 26.1 pts

Look for Jacobs to bounce back along with the Raiders this week. He should get his usual touches this week. Also, he has been getting a steady number of looks in the passing game. This might be the week that he finally takes one in for a score.

Davante Adams

Week 8 vs Saints: 1 catch, 5 targets, 3 receiving yds, 0 receiving touchdowns, 1 carry, -1 rushing yards, 1.2 pts

Season total: 119.1 (17 ppg)


Yikes. That was bad. The people that must really be hurting right now are those that have had Adams in keeper or dynasty leagues for several years now. He has been so consistent for so long. They must be truly devastated. That was shocking. Also, will someone tell Josh McDaniels to stop handing the ball off to him?


Week 9 vs Jaguars (projected): 5 catches, 7 targets, 56 receiving yds, 0 receiving touchdowns, 10.6 pts

Waller was once again limited in practice on Wednesday due to illness. Something is clearly up with Adams, and it is affecting his ability to practice, which is affecting his ability to perform on Sundays. It also doesn’t help that teams are finding ways to cover him. They are content to force other Raiders receivers to beat them. Until Adams gets healthy and the Raiders force teams to respect their other weapons, his ceiling could be limited. You should still start him, though.

Hunter Renfrow

Week 8 vs Saints: 1 catch, 2 targets, 6 receiving yards, 1.6 points

Season total: 32.6 (6.5ppg)


Does Renfrow stink now? He just cannot get open in this offense. He has essentially been a non-factor all season. Josh McDaniels has to find a way to get him going. If this continues, it might be time to cut him if you can’t get something for him in a trade.


Week 9 vs Jaguars (projected): 6 catches, 8 targets, 72 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown, 19.2 pts

This is the guy that the Raiders have to get going in order to unlock the rest of this offense. Renfrow is a guy that you can only hold down for so long. He is due to break out at some point. This could be the week. The sad thing is that this stat line would have been business as usual for him last year.

Darren Waller

Week 8 vs Saints: DNP

Season total: 39.5 (7.9 ppg)


Another week without Waller. At least Foster Moreau took advantage of it this time. He had a respectable six catches for 31 yards. It would have been nice to see more, but nobody in the Silver and Black had much going this past week.


Week 9 vs Jaguars (projected): 2 catches, 3 targets, 16 receiving yds, 3.6 pts

Who knows at this point when Waller will return? The fact that he was at least a limited participant in Wednesday’s practice does elicit some hope, though. However, I would temper expectations for Sunday. Even if he does play, Foster Moreau might hold more fantasy value.

Daniel Carlson

Week 8 vs Saints: Nothing. Zilch. Nada

Season Total: 72 (10.3 ppg)


Perhaps the worst thing the Raiders did in New Orleans was tarnish Carlson’s previously impeccable fantasy football reputation. The poor guy didn’t even get a chance to do anything. What happened to Carlson was criminal. Plain and simple.


Week 9 vs Jaguars (projected): 2/2FG, 1 <39 yds, 1 40-49 yds, 3/3XP, 10 pts

Carlson should get a chance to bounce back this week. That is all he needs. He typically makes the most of his opportunities. Expect him to get right back to double-digits in Duval.

Las Vegas Raiders Defense/Special Teams

Week 8 vs Saints: 0 sacks, 0 interceptions, 24 PA, 367 YA, -1 pts

Season Total: 20 (2.9 ppg)


When it comes to fantasy football, this unit is absolutely worthless. It isn’t much better in terms of actual football either, for what it’s worth. Having a negative day against Andy Dalton is a truly impressive display of futility. That would have been a bad showing against Dalton when he was still with the Bengals. Doing that against this version of him is just downright pathetic.


Week 9 vs Texans (projected): 2 sacks, 0 interception, 24 PA, 343 YA, 2 pts

Even the lowly Jaguars can’t make the Raiders’ defense look respectable. They may do just enough to avoid going negative. I guess that’s a positive? It shouldn’t matter anyway. Nobody should have this defense on their roster. Nevertheless, they are still rostered in 9.2 percent of ESPN leagues. If you happen to fall into that category, I sincerely hope that everything is okay, although I doubt it is.

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